WordPress interview Questions for Beginners

Every one around us will be using wordpress or they will be talking about wordpress. And this guide is consists of WordPress interview questions, that are mostly helpful for Beginners.

WP interview QA

Well, what exactly is wordpress?

WordPress is a software that you can use to build your blog or a website. Technical People call it as a CMS. It is really simple. Many people uses words like open source, cms and make it complicated but it’s not that hard to use. WordPress is the most popular and customizable blogging platform. To put it simple wordpress is a publishing tool for the web.

The answer to the question “What is Wordrpress?” is, WordPress is what ever you want it to be. You can use wordpress to create anything from a basic blog to an advanced website.

WordPress is a free and open source. WP CMS powers a full 18% of all websites online today, and one in every four new websites that are created using WordPress. WordPress has become a popular platform for business, because it’s so easy to change its appearance that fits for any kind of business.

Now let’s dive in to the WordPress Interview Questions and Answers (FAQ kind):

1) What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. Let’s say you want to start a blog or a website and you don’t have any technical knowledge like HTML, HTML5, CSS, js, PHP and all other web realted topics. Then your solution would be CMS.

As it doesn’t require any technical website developing knowledge to start a website using CMS. Content Management System provides all the tools to manage users, content and to apply beautiful layouts to make your website attractive.

If you are a web developer and you are building a site for your client then it’s advicable to use CMS as he doesn’t know about maintaining a website. And the best possible CMS is WordPress.

2) Should I use Worpress or Blogger?

Defintely WordPress is best choice than blogger; Because, you can have complete control over your content when using wordpress as a self-hosted one.

In case of blogger there are chance that your blog might be deleted by the google if in case you voilate
their rules.

You can have more power and better branding with wordpress. Even wordpress sites rank more than blogger sites in google. You can even backup your blog, if you are hosting your blog on wordpress. Widgets, plugins?? don’t ever talk about them in blogger. One more simple thing is, you can categorize your blog posts in wordpress easily.

3) WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – What is the Difference?

The differences depend on what you are going to achieve. And the differences are quite a big larger. WordPress.com is a ready made platform and you need to create an account with them and select a sub-domain and pull your content up.

However wordpress.org requires you to have a hosting account to set up and instal the wordpress software upon your hosting. If you are using wordpress.org, then you will be having complete control on your site, where as
you don’t have must flexibility on wordpress.com. Even the scale of the plugin, themes, widgets vary a lot from wordpress.org to wordpress.com.

Worpress.com is not for the people who want to monetize their blogs with AD networks and make money.

4) Is transferring a blog from WordPress.com/blogger to a self-hosted WordPress installation possible?

Yes, it is possible to move from WordPress.com and even from blogger to a self-hosted WordPress.

5)List some of the features of WordPress?

  • Its an Open Source, so Zero Cost.
  • Very Easy to Instal and customize.
  • Several themes available for free of Cost.
  • Plugins will inmprovise the blog’s performance.
  • WordPress is a Multi-language supported platform.
  • Multisite functionality is also available to control several blogs under one hood.
  • Secured one.
  • Search Engine Optimization friendly CMS.

6)How to choose a perfect theme for a wordpress site?

WordPress.org consists of more than 3K+ free themes in it’s themes directory and when it comes to premium themes, there are lot’s of options are available.

Follow these tips in selcting a WordPress theme to your site.

– Understanding your site needs (What is the purpose of your site, and what is it gonna do for you?, what type of website are your publishing, Free themes usually have the less support, compatible issues may come.)

– List of Features (Cutom header, custom Logo, Colour scheme, Navigation menu options, Blog features, Sidebar, Footers, Multipage layouts for different topics, Video integration, Responsive theme: These themes that automatically adjust and display favourably when viewed on mobile devices.)

-Your skills: Some themes are easier to use, but few others requrie different skill sets to customize. Do you need a theme which is simply plug-and-play or are you willing to get your hands dirty. Do you need technical support?

-Investigate the Details:
Some themes have restrictions on usage such as the ability to use the theme for only one website.
Wordpress is updated quiet often, four or five times a year, So themes need to be modified to keep in line.
Avoid spending weeks on the process, get your site up and running. Switch themes if necessary.

7) What the Best WordPress theme frameworks?

Genesis framework form Studiopress and Thesis are the best frameworks in the recent time. Check the features of the theme and if they match your requriments, then shift to premium themes from Studio press, Thesis, Woo themes & more.

8) The things to do after setting up wordpress?

  • Have to delete the default pages and posts.
  • Have to Set up wordpress permalink to search engine friendly format.
  • Have to Set the time zone.
  • Check and set the comment/discussion moderation settings.

9) What are the Basic WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Blog?

Akismet: To avoid comment spaming.

Jetpack: Allows you to monitor your site and have access to many more features directly from wordpress.com.

Contact form: This plugin helps you to create a contact info page.

Google XML Sitemap: A sitemap is an important part of a ordpress blog for letting search engines find all your pages.

10) What are the Best WordPress SEO Plugins To get Higher Rankings?

  • Yoast SEO Plugin
  • All in One SEO plugin

These two are the most recommended for the better rankings.

11) Can we use a custom post type in wordpress and how?

A fresh installation of WordPress comes with some default post types; they are – Posts, Pages, Menu Items, Attachments,Links, etc.Besides these regular post types, WordPress also allows you to add content in your own type.
This custom content type is called ‘Custom Post Types.’

You can use custom post types to add different types of content like product review, recipe, testimonial, team member, etc.

12)What are teh Best WordPress Plugins To Manage Banner Ads in WordPress?

To earn a handsome amount from displaying ads, you need to manage the ADs properly. Luckily, there are some excellent WordPress plugins that can help you in managing ADs, they are..

  1. AdRotate
  2. Simple Ads Manager
  3. Wp Bannerize
  4. Advanced Ads
  5. Ads Pro- Multi Purpose WordPress Ad manager
  6. Adpress- WordPress Advertising Plugin

13) What are the Best WordPress Author Box Plugins To Add Author Bio?

Including an author box in your blog posts makes sure that your visitors can find more information about the author in the same page.  There are some excellent plugins which let you add author widgets within a few minutes. they are..
1) Starbox- The Author Box for Humans

2)Simple Author Box

3)Meks Smart Author Widget

4)Fanciest Author Box

5)Wp-Author Box

14) What are the Best WordPress Social Media Plugins ?

Social media plugins will help your readers to share your precious information on their favorite social networking sites like Facebbok, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest & more.

This method will improves the traffic of your site from social media sites. It also helps to play a vital role in Google like search engine ranking.

The best wordpress social media sharing plugins are..

  1. Floating social media sharing plugin
  2. Monarch by Elegant Themes
  3. Ultimate Social Delux
  4. Jetpack Sharing
  5. Digg Digg
  6. Share buttons by AddToAny
  7. DC Simple Share Button Plugin

15) Do I need to know PHP to use WordPress?

There is no need for you to know about PHP to use WP. You should be able to use WordPress through the user interface, without having to touch PHP code. The only time you would modify your WordPress website with PHP would be when integrating some of the plugins. There are a small number of plugins that still require manual edits to your files. In most cases, clear instructions are usually given within a text file with the plugin. Other than that, you would not be changing any of the PHP files.

16) What are the meta tags in wordpress?

Meta tags are the keywords or the group of words describing information about a website. Meta tags list information about the web page, such as the author, keywords, description, type of document, copyright, and other core information. Google no longer uses the meta keyword in search result ranking and they confirm this in their Webmaster Central Blog.

17)Is wordpress secure?

The Answer is Yes, it’s secure unless you keep it secure. No website software is going to be secure whether it is built by a CMS or custom built. Basically hackers are very tallented and if they wanted to crack your site, they will. And now the thing with wordpress is it’s very popular and most of the wordpress users don’t have technical knowledge. So they may become target by the hackers. Security in WordPress is taken very seriously.

The best advice is to keep your wordpress software up to date, remove unused files, Use strong passwords, Remove unused users and create backup.

18)How To Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly?

In WordPress it’s easy to make a site mobile friendly and passs the google mobile friendly test usng worppress mobile plugins + themes.

  1. Use a responsive theme
  2. Customize reponsive design for mobile.
  3. Use Jetpack plugin mobile theme.
  4. WpTouch WordPress plugin.

My suggestion is to definitely have a responsive design.

These are the important Questions for which you need to know about wordpress interviews.