Why You Hate Your Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Job?


Being in a job you hate is normal. Many people are somewhat land on their job and had never made serious effort to choose one. The thinking of getting good grades and work for big companies is very much alive. The same thing can be said to pharmaceutical sales rep job. Not many people consciously choose this job hence ending up hating it. If you find yourself in this situation right now, see if you agree with me that there is only one main reason for this which I will elaborate herein.

I have been a pharmaceutical sales rep for more than a decade. I have worked with more than one international companies and I have been in different positions with each; from executive to management. That is the reason why I believe I can give a fair view on this matter.

The reason I find why many sales reps hate their job can be traced back to one universal source, and that is ‘result-oriented’. Companies are too obsessed with results that make them treat their employee as machine more than human most of the time.

And that is understandable because their main role is to satisfy persons who funded them; better known as share-holders. These people main concern is only results because they have their interest in them. The better the results companies deliver, the better the return on their investment.

I believe that some pharmaceutical companies do offer part of shares to their employee but that is nothing compared to the amount of shares owned by share-holders. Remember, every time sales rep make sale, it actually serves the other party more than it serves him or her.

Why obsessions with results create hate?

As a manager, I understand what result means to company and it will do whatever it can to achieve it. Along the way, it implements strategies and methods to set and measure results, and sales reps have to deliver. Companies could are less about the reps unique situation, trials and tribulation; as long it gets what it wants, it stays clear out of the employee way.

But if the reps fail to deliver, then a torturing chain of reaction starts. Usually, it begins with the rep getting verbal assault from immediate managers. After that, if situation persists, it continues with written and verbal warning. And if nothing happens, which sometimes is out of the reps control, action will be taken and employee will be shown the way out.

I have seen this happened far too many times that I have lost count but the pattern is the same. Hate for pharmaceutical reps always stems from having to deliver results which are arbitrarily set by companies. What do you think?


Source by Nezrul Hisyam Abdul Ghani

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