Why Should I Hire You? Job Interview Question and Answers


Why should I hire you? is a question you will often hear toward the end of the job interview. It may be the last

question you will be asked and it can be the interview question that determines whether you are in the “no” stack, or the “yes” stack.

It is crucial that you give a strong answer to this question. Interviewers do not want to hear why you need or want the job. The following interview answers will not cut it, they will only cut you out of the running for the job:

“You should hire me because I am a really hard worker and I will do the best job.” NO Three other candidates said just about the same thing. A “hard worker” is very subjective and does not say much.

“Because I am a single parent and really need this job.” NO The interviewer does not want to hear your issues or problems.That may have worked for Dustin Hoffman in the movie Kramer vs. Kramer, but that is Hollywood and the movie was made in 1979.

“Because I am honest, reliable and dependable.” NO This is a job expectation and a given for anyone the company hires. This answer sounds like what a teenager would say on their first job interview for Dairy Queen.

Interviewers ask, “Why should I hire you?” because they want to know:

  • How well you fit the job?
  • What unique skill, attribute or experience will you bring to the company?
  • How confident are you that you are an excellent fit for the job?

Interviews are all about hiring the right person for the job. Companies are thinking about themselves. Remember the banner in the movie Office Space that read, “Is This Good for the COMPANY?” That is what the interviewer is thinking. It is his job to find the best candidate for the open position.

Your job, when you interview is to convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the open position. When you answer the interview question, “Why should I hire you? you must be aware of what the company is looking for. You need to keep that in mind throughout the interview. Key in on a couple of the job requirements, then be ready to give your interview answer.

Suppose one job requirement is to sell a new product in the market and another requirement lists building a sales team.Your answer might sound like this:

“I have nine years experience in sales management. In that time I have successfully introduced a new product to customers and gained a 30 percent market share within 18 months. I accomplished this by hiring a team of talented sales people who understood the customers’ needs and knew how to meet their needs and wants.”

This candidate’s interview answer gave information that demonstrated her successful past experience with two of the job requirements. An answer like this will keep you in the running for the job, assuming you scored well with the rest of your interview answers.


Source by Easter Becker-Smith