What To Wear For A Job Interview – Men’s Fashion


Choosing your attire for an interview could literally make or break your future. You may have decided to change your career or apply for a promotion, after all the preparation and calming of nerves, your choice of attire will be a high priority.

Firstly you will need to wear something formal when you attend for interview, irrespective of the type of job and whether you already know the interviewers if you are applying for a promotion within your existing work place, this is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. Everyone will look good in a suit, providing you follow a few simple rules, when considering your choice of colour it is best to opt for navy or grey suits, as they work well for these situations as they considered to be neutral, versatile and a men’s classic choice.

The benefit of choosing a navy or grey suit will ensure they work well with most colour combinations, especially a white shirt and a plain dark tie, if possible avoid black as this will look too dark and sombre. If you are feeling slightly more adventurous a light pink or blue shirt will also work well, with a slightly darker tie of the same colour

If you decide to inject some colour, this can allow you to be more creative and give you more options when adding a shirt and tie to your suit. A striped shirt can look good with a plain tie, but always be very careful when choosing to be even more creative, patterns and colours, there is a fine line between looking stylish and choosing the wrong colour combinations which could overpower your interview panel and distract all the attention away from your presentation. if they are purely focusing on your shirt and tie.

Adding accessories to your attire allows you to add a personal touch, which can also look very stylish. Tie bars and cufflinks are very popular and a pocket square can add a splash of colour without drawing too much attention. The addition of a few accessories will not be overstated and will also allow you to demonstrate your creative flair.

Recent style trends have seen men dropping their tie in favour of A waistcoat, which is a great way of still looking smart without having to wear a tie. A waistcoat that matches your jacket, or even wearing a waistcoat without your jacket can look very stylish. Definitely don’t arrive for your interview in a full three-piece suit, as this will be too much.

Obviously, you will want to impress at your interview, otherwise you wouldn’t be applying for the new job, the golden rule is not to take things too far, unfortunately, a first impression is something you can’t take back, for this reason it is recommended to stick with the traditional suit, shirt and tie and leave the experimentation for other occasions rather than the interview room.


Source by Louise Owen