What is Psychometric Test?

This is a type of tests which plays a major role in recruitment of the fresher or job seekers apart from interviews. It is a type of tests which also covers the stability of an interviewee’s mind emotionally. This type of tests is delicate in nature and it can be appeared via online or in the form of questionnaires. Do not confuse this tests with usual clinical tests conducted in the hospital and tests are known primarily for its objectives which include

  • Standardization
  • Non-discrimination
  • Validity
  • Reliability


Standardization involves a brief comparison of your features with a sample group of individuals under some controlled conditions. Reliability is the parameter used to avoid miscellaneous errors thus producing a stable result despite the emotions of the test taker. Validity parameter is used to avoid the deviations during a psychometric apart from test takers interest. In order to avoid partiality due to gender, age, culture, ethnicity, race etc. A great deal of time is saved in psychological tests in order to recruit a job seeker without any chaos. The tests comprise of,

  • Personality tests
  • Aptitude tests

A personality tests judge the behavior or character of a job seeker and acts as a major part of recruitment process. A interviewer tests the ability of the job seeker to face challenges and problems occurring in the company. Whether the job seeker can work under pressure or not can be tested through personality tests. Aptitude tests are known to all, these tests checks the job seeker’s skill in verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logical thinking and critical thinking.

In order to pass the psychometric tests one must answer properly, act and perform briskly, do not stick into single question, do not confuse with the font or format style. You can practice psychometric testing in employ-ability service or via online and these tests act as a communication bridge between you and the interviewer regarding your personality features. By undergoing these type of tests one can learn and improve about himself regarding his management qualities. This tests is not similar to other kind of tests where marks judge about you a lot, instead it characterizes thoroughly about your knowledge of whether being fit or unfit to the company. There are certain tips to overcome with the psychometric tests and they are,

The purpose of psychometric test: Do not appear in these tests as a compulsion and try these tests with full perfection. True perception of these tests is more important and it makes you half way in succeeding in an interview.

Information about the tests: These types of tests are either paper based or computer based and the duration may be of 15 minutes. Necessary things should be brought and if you are a disable then inform the examiners before.

Optimistic thinking: Whichever work you start a positive thinking is a must and many people may discourage you but ignore them. This type of attitude itself makes you successive in nature.

Practice: This is more important before appearing an examination. Determine your strength and weakness during your practice then solve your weak areas and finish off the trial tests in perfect timing of the original tests.

Study again: Regain your primary mathematical areas of numbers, decimals, fractions etc and make yourself strong to crack the numerical section of the aptitude tests. Online practice is necessary for auto correction.

Get the feedback: Whatever you practice individually, getting feedback from others is more important as they can either advice or suggest about your areas of weakness where you stagnate behind.