Web Services Interview Questions and Answers

Looking at the growing technology, it has been a competition amazing many business for a good revenue and improve their business profile in the market. However, for this the expert professionals are required and hence the employers would look for the candidates who can be good in providing the web services. Talking about the web services interview questions will not be challenging if you are fully prepared for the same.

web services interview

Interview QA of Web services:

Can you tell us about yourself?

This is merely a question which your interviewer would ask before starting with the real game. Try to explain about you and your job profile, which would help the interviewer know whether you are quite active in answering such questions and how you have prepared yourself for all this.

What is your job experience with regards to web services?

As you have come for the interviewer on web services, you need to explain the relevant experience which you have gained in these years. You can explain them by highlighting your projects performed in the office and how it was accomplished successfully.

Do you think you can stay in the company for long?

Generally interviewer looks for the people who can serve the company on long term basis. If you think that your stability here should not be the concern for the interviewer, then you can answer the same.

What all education has you don’t associated with it?

To tell about the educational knowledge that you have with regards to web services. If you have done any course associated to it like photoshop, web designing, learning HTML then kindly mention the same.

What is your salary expectation?

Generally this is asked to understand if you fit in the salary criteria bar which has been set by the interviewer. If you have the good qualification and experience, then the employer may think of offering you the right pay suiting your expectation.

Can you explain us about the Web Service?

It is software which has got the accessibility on the internet. It helps to make the complicated XML messaging system lot easier to understand and thus utilize it in the right manner for the end users.

Do you think something has changed with regards to such service over past few years?

Talking about the changes in web service you get the advancement that gives a single language. This makes it convenient for further communication between the web service, RPC’s and the directories.

Can you explain few benefits of web services?

With web service, it becomes easy for the application to communication with another application no matter in which language it has been developed. Besides, it becomes easy to expose the web service for other applications to use it in the right manner. You also get a scope to make a service for a certain task like calculation of the task.

Can you tell us the types of web services?

Web services come in two types that are RESTful and SOAP.

Do you know any example of real web service?

With such the interviewer wants to know if you have a real understanding about the service or just hold a bookish knowledge. IBM web browser is the best example to give. You get different demos that are associated to such web services which you can use with the help of WSDL, SOAP and UDDI.

Can you give us the right definition of web service protocol stack?

There are various protocols that make a set which can then explore and execute the web services. It comes with the layers of XML Messaging, Service Discovery, Service Transport, and Service Description

Can you explain us about XML – RPC?

The answer for the same is pretty easy. But you need to be confident while saying it because with such questions the interviewer is just trying to judge your confidence level. You can tell them stating it is a protocol with which XML messages can make the Remote Procedure Calls

Do you know what does SOAP?

It is one of the web services essential types and you must know every concept associated with it. For now you will be lucky if interviewer ask you this basic question. But there are few tricky questions with which you need to be ready. For current question you can tell them that this XML based protocol helps to transfer between different computers.

What does UDDI stand for?

This question is asked to understand if you are aware about the complete meaning of UDDi. It stands for description, universal, integration and discovery. There is a layer of discovery in the web services protocol stack.

Can you explain about WSDL?

WSDL is an abbreviation of Web Services Description Language. It is another layer of description available in the web service protocol stock. It usually describes the user interface to a web service.

Can you explain more about foundation security services?

The name itself states what such service exactly does. It is the foundation or the integration basic which also includes authorization, encryption and digital signature processes.

Please tell us what you know about Entrust Identification Service?

It is another important part of web service that comes from Entrust Security Transaction Platform. With such platform, the company can control the identities which perform the transaction associated with Web services transactions.

Do you know the full form of PKI?

Your interviewer here would simply want to know how well you the in and outs associated with web services. You can answer the same by stating its full form which is Public-Key Infrastructure.

Do you know any benefits associated with RESTFUL web services?

Every type of web services it important. Talking would RESTful web services it is fast and gives a language and platform independence and can be utilized with SOAP. Besides it also allows the formatting of different data.

Do you know anything about distributed technologies?

Looking at the distributed applications ratio, it seems that the demand for disturbed technologies has increased. With such technology, the application units can be well segments and the transfer becomes easy to different computer at the different networks.