Tips For a Telephone Interview

Here are some quick tips on how to be successful on a telephone job interview.

Be up front with the interviewer on the other end of the phone. You should try to start the interview with something like "I know not being able to see each other causes some challenges for this interview. By doing this you are setting the tone of the conversation.

You should have your list of questions for the interviewer, resume and other information right in front of you. This is why phone interviews can have a tendency to be easier. It is almost the same thing as having an open book test. Any time a question is asked about the company or whatever you can refer to your info and naturally respond to the question.

This is something I learned during my sales career and also applies to a telephone interview, stand up during the call. You can obviously do this by using a cordless phone or headset. Do not use a cell phone. We all know that occasionally and usually at the worst times cell phone service disappears. When you walk around and are animated while on the phone your energy and exuberance goes through on the phone. Being vibrant and enthusiast is something employers look for.

Asking questions during a phone interview is extremely important. By doing so you are making sure that the person on the other end is fully engaged in the conversation but you are also showing that you are too. Asking questions like "Have I properly understood the question and answered it fully?" and "Does that make sense?" show that you care about the persons time on the other end of the phone and do not want to get off track.

The most irritating thing and something that could definitely blow the telephone interview is interrupting the interviewer. Allow the potential employer to finish what they where saying and then respond. Also have a piece of paper and pen handy to take notes and remember any questions that come up while the interviewer is speaking. By doing so you will not forget important points and can let the person complete speaking.

Finally dress for success even though it is a telephone interview. I know it sound silly but by dressing for the interview you will do better because you will be in the right mind set. You will come through on the phone a lot different dressed in a suit then if you are in your pajamas.

Source by David Clemen

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