The Advantages Of Making A First Impression That Is Just Adequate


You hear about it all the time. First impressions are lasting impressions, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Nobody will know how good you are unless you make a good first impression on them.

Unfortunately most people see themselves as not good at making a first impression. People have insecurities about their looks, their speech, whether they say the right thing, and whether they committed a gaffe and blew the opportunity. This happens in job interviews and when meeting people for the first time. Most people don’t feel confident that they made a good impression.

Although it is important to make the best impression you can, if you impress an interviewer or a potential date that you are adequate that can often be good enough. Most people realise that everyone is not going to knock them off their feet. When you interview for a job all you need to do is impress them that you can do the job and be a good fit. They may hire you with the expectation that your work is standard and expect no more.

This is an exciting situation. Now you can to over deliver. When you do better than what they expected you are making an incredible second impression on them. You impress them as one of the best people and are be glad they hired you.

Good salespeople understand the expression “Under promise, over deliver”. I have dealt with corporations and salespeople who do that and it makes you want customer for life. Likewise when you do a job better than what they expected, most bosses will appreciate you. If they don’t and just take advantage of you then they are not a good boss and you should look elsewhere.

The corollary of this is that you can make a good first impression then not produce in the job. I have known a few people who seem to get jobs but they never last. If you make very good first impressions you need deliver and be as good as you look.

Making an adequate first impression holds true for dating and relationships. If you are not the best looking or the most superficially charismatic person in the world you can still have success. The same principle applies here. You impress the person enough so they will date you or go out with you if you just want a friend. Over time if you show that you are what they want for a lover or friend then you have achieved success.

If you often feel silly or embarrassed after a job interview, or after meeting someone, it is probably because you judge yourself as inadequate. In reality you probably were not perfect but adequate, and that is okay.


Source by Frank Healy

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