Thank You Letter Template For a Successful Job Interview – Thank You Letter Example


So you have had a successful interview. Your dream company has provided you with a position and you cannot ask for more. Needless to say, you nailed it flawlessly. But wait. You’re not done yet. Do not forget to write a thank you letter to the company or employer. This will show that you are wary of the details, have good manners, and you want the job. Be sure to write the thank you note at least 24 hours after the interview.

Here are thank you letter examples you can follow:

Formal Thank you Letter Example for a Successful Interview:

Dear Sir/Ma’am (name of employer),

Thank you for taking your time to meet with me regarding the (job or position). The job is a great match for my experience, interests and skills. I am very thankful for the opportunity you have given me.

In addition to my experience in this industry, I will bring leadership skills to your team. I am very organized and strong willed, and hopefully these values will bring about much benefit to your company.

I am eager to work for you and looking forward to see you soon.


(Your name)

Another Thank you Letter Example for an Interview:

Mr. (name of employer),

A pleasure meeting with you yesterday! I was deeply impressed with the company’s welcoming and positive attitude. It will definitely be a pleasure if I would be accepted so I can contribute more creativity to your already talented and cutting edge group.

Thanking your prospective employer is professional.


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