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To secure a job the most important thing to do is to perform well in an interview. A job interview holds immense importance in terms of your recruitment. A director is a person who directs certain things and certain people. A television director is a person who creates a TV show. He is responsible for a number of tasks ranging from, camera placement and lightning equipments to the shooting of the entire TV show. It is a really tough job to perform.

If you are looking to appear for a television director job interview then given below are a few questions for your help:

1. What made you enter the field of entertainment?

I had a deep interest in television industry. I was a lot into acting and direction. First of all, I directed a small skit in my college and from there on my interest towards direction developed a great deal. Now, it’s been 10 years since I have been in acting.

2. How many TV shows have you directed so far?

Well, I have directed 4 TV shows up till now. All of them have been successful. I have gained a lot of critical acclaim for all my shows.

3. Are you working on any future projects?

Yes, I am directing an upcoming TV reality show. It is a really big venture and I am very excited about it. It is going to be my biggest venture up till now. Besides, all these I am also working on a short TV series based on a novel.

4. Which is your favorite TV series?

I love to watch “Houseful”. I think it is the best combination of subtle and loud comedy. I would love to direct a TV show just like this one.

5. What does it takes to be a successful director?

I think a good director is an absolute professional who sees beyond the eye of a normal man. A good director should be able to attract a large number of audiences by his intelligence.

These are some of the best interview questions that you might be asked during a television director job interview. Make sure you prepare them well.


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