Seven Deadliest Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions: How to Answer


Pharmaceutical sales interview questions may be difficult for many; but nearly any candidate, no matter how composed or prepared, can get “tripped up” by these tricky pharmaceutical sales interview questions.

These trick questions are designed to create stress or pressure, as well as to get the candidate to “open up” and reveal negative attitudes or actions.

Don’t let this happen to you! Read my tips, below, and the following series of articles to avoid the seven oh-so-deadly interview traps.

The seven deadliest pharmaceutical sales interview questions fall into these categories:

Questions about past managers and their skill sets.Questions that force you to respond to a negative scenario, such as why you left or were fired in your last job, why you received a poor performance rating on your last review, how you dealt with colleague or manager problems, etc.Situational questions that ask how or when you’ve been frustrated, annoyed, angered, bored, or failed on a task, etc.Questions designed to evoke negative images of yourself, such as the “Tell me about your biggest weakness” questions.Questions that are designed to reveal your work environment preferences, such as “Tell me about the culture at your previous company.”Questions that are large in scope, such as “Tell me about yourself, your background, your life at Tech University, or tell me about your time working for ABC’s corporate office?”Questions designed to develop a commonality between you and the interviewer, whether it’s an acquaintance, similar hobby, similar education, etc….in order to make you feel comfortable and unguarded, and then hitting you with a negative question.

Any of the above questions are designed to encourage negative responses, and lead you into the dastardly trap. Once within the trap, it will be impossible to get out of, and will prevent you from moving forward in the interview process.

Click on the next article in this series to learn how to answer the first (and deadliest) pharmaceutical sales interview question.


Source by Anne Marie Posegate

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