Sales Interview Questions and Answers

If you are looking for the sales job then remember, you need to learn how you can be expert in the sales interview. Interview is a place where your performance will keenly be checked and is also one way by which employer test you on how you can sell yourself for this job.

sales interview QA

What made you come here for the interview?

The question is pretty simple and what matters here is your personal response to it. You need to explain the interviewer you interest in job and why you look forward for this role. Besides, you should also tell the interviewer about the work that you have previously done in this sector.

Do you think this job is right suited for you?

With this question, the interviewer is simply trying to judge whether you are ideally capable enough to work with flexibility or not. It is always better that you explain the interviewer on how you can achieve a career success by doing this job.

What are the Important Sales Skills required?

You should answer stating that’s ales is not an easy job. it is not that everyone can handle it so easily. It requires right ability and attitude and explain them how you have these skills and how you can adapt the best sales strategies to implement.

Is there something you don’t like About Sales?

Whenever the interviewer asks you a negative question, try to deal with it carefully. It is a tricky part because here you need to be extremely diplomatic. You can answer that avoiding the sale that many buyers does when I know that it is beneficial for them.

How would you relate your job with the skills that you have?

For sales job, it is necessary to have the good skills with certain strategize and techniques for better sales. Explain your skills and relate them with the role for which you have applied. You can say you have a confident personality which eventually is required to sell of a product.

Would you make cold calls?

If the interviewer asks you any kind of question that would be uncomfortable or you feel is a tricky one in sales then try to give the answer that would leave an open end.  In this, your personal opinion matters and there is no matter in it.

How do you deal with rejection?

Rejection are quite common in sales jobs and that is also a prime cause so many people cant handle this type of job, you can answer saying instead of cribbing for it, you simple move on for next prospect.


What are the areas of learning in sales?

You can answer them by highlighting certain skills that you can brush up such as confidence, personality development, and socialism. Besides, you need to also answer the interviewer stating there is no end to learning in sales

How will you keep up to date target market?

Targeting the audience is a crucial job in sales. The number of the people may vary every time. Here you can answer them saying the use of trade publication and blog can help you stay updated with the target market.

Can you explain anything to me?

This is not practically a question but it is asked in the interview to understand how a candidate in helping manner.

Explain your approach of a short sales cycle different as compared to long sales cycle?

Long scale cycle needs a careful customized approach where as in short cycle; there is chance of reps that can be quickly closed.

When the time you feel that client is should not be persuaded anymore?

For this it completely depends on the policy of the company. However, the logical answer is to give at least 8-9 attempts before giving up on the customer.

What can you sell off comfortably and why?

Here you can list down the products and the description of the buyer whom you will be targeting the products most of the time. Usually this question is asked to check if you are prefer selling within your comfort zone or you are flexible.

What is your weakness in the entire sales process?

In this possibly for any person who sells the product or service feels red flag o a big ‘NO’ from the customer is the sad part of sales and can be your weakness too.

Is there anything that motivates you?

Here you can answer completely depending on your interest. May be it is money, helping customers, reward, achievement are usually common answer. But if you answer saying team work, then you just win the half battle there itself.

List down three adjectives which your client would use to describe you?

All you need to do is know the synonym of helpful and tell the interviewer these words as the adjective because this is the sole word that is ruling the sales today.

How do you manage to keep that lovely smile on your face during a bad day?

A positive approach in sales is importance. Try to explain the interviewer your trick that you usually do to keep this approach all day long even when you have an unpleasant conversation

Is there anything you might want to keep on getting increased in the sales?

You can answer commission as it is one of the motivational area and the best way to grab some more money.

What role you think does social media play in selling process?

Looking at the increasing social media awareness, you can answer stating social channels help to connect the customers that are even located at some other corner of the world. This at the end increases the leads in selling process.

By soon can you join?

Well, this is just a formality question which is being asked. You simply need to answer them the best possible time for you to join the company and start the work with great speed.