Phone Interview Questions and Answers

With new style of business emerging across the world, employers are also planning up for new style of interview which would help in selection process at the same time save their valuable time and money. Talking about one such interview, generally the employers hire the candidate with telephonic interview. This helps them to save their time and energy. Once the candidate clears the telephonic round, then they are given a technical test for assessment and then the last round is meant for selection. However, phone interview is more like creating a first impression that should last linger. Hence, candidate must not take it lightly.


Can you please tell me about yourself?

This is not a challenging question for you of course. But this is simply to comfort you to get started with the real interview questions and answers. Try to make it simple and relevant enough for the interviewer to process to next question.

What is your education background?

This question helps the interviewer understand how well you are educated and carry the knowledge that can help the organization to grow.

Do you wish to study further along with working?

In case you wish to pursue for further education, explain the same on how the company can get the benefit of such education. If convinced and if lucky, the company may sponsor you for the same.

Is there any specific reason for you to apply for this job?

Never underestimate your previous company even if you did not like it. However, you can answer the current employer that is looking out for growth or you can say that you want to learn few more aspects that can help you in your career.

Do you know about the company where you have applied?

You need to read the company profile online well. If such question is asked you must be able to answer at least the history and the vision and mission of the company.

Why are you leaving your previous job?

With this the interviewer just wants to understand if there is any kind of discomfort which you faced in your previous organization so that the same thing does not happen here. However, giving a diplomatic answer in such scenario will be much better.

What makes you think you are right for this job?

Here you need to be extremely confident and tell the interviewer how your skills and abilities will benefit the organization. You must ensure that every point you describe about yourself is beneficial for the company.

What responsibilities you had in your previous organization?

Explain the tasks that were assigned to you and how you successfully accomplished those tasks. The ideal focus of such type of interview is to know if the candidate can have a right justification for what they mention in the CV.

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

This is something you need to explain on how you have managed your goals and how you are planning to accomplish it. It is better that you sort it out in the best possible manner and try to show how you can contribute to the company in a meaningful way.

Do you really think this job is right suited for you?

You must answer for this in a way as if you are favoring the company. You should explain how the company can help you achieve your goal and get you close to your career success.

Why you think you are right suited for on-site interview?

This crucial question is asked to understand if you have that confidence and skills in you to represent yourself in a right manner. You can answer stating that once you meet you will realize how suitable I am for the company.

What is your salary expectation?

It is always better to be frank on this part. If your salary fits in their criteria then they may call you at their on-site interview place otherwise, they will tell you frankly.

Is there anything that interests you in this job?

Your interviewer is trying to analyze whether you are working for the sake of working or you have applied for the job as your interest.

What do you think about team work?

These days, team work is highly practiced. It would be great if you give some positive comments on what you feel is positive about the team spirit.

How long have you been working with the current employer?

This is to judge whether you have been efficient enough to give your previous organization all the best possible services for which you were being paid. Honesty matters a lot here. Whatever answer you give should be logical with an appropriate explanation for the same.

How do you manage to meet the deadlines?

For every project or task you are assigned with a deadline. You might have experienced the same in your previous organization. You need to explain it to the interviewer on how you have managed to meet the strict time line without disturbing the target.

What is the biggest size of the organization you have worked with?

This shows how flexible you are to work in the big or small company. With such question, the interviewer is trying to analyze if you are right suitable for this job or not.

Do you have any kind of awards and recognition from you previous company?

Here you need to explain if there is any kind of achievements you have received for your hard work that you gave to the company. You can show the certificates once you are called on site.

Do you carry a managerial experience or prefer to be?

It is better to be frank enough to give an idea whether you prefer working as an individual or your managerial experience can really help the company. If you have worked on managerial level, you need to explain the same with regards to your duties, responsibility and how the company received profit through it.

Do you have any relevant experience in this field?

Experience counts but if it is relevant to what you have applied for then it can benefit you for further selection process. Explain them how many years you have worked in the same field and what all knowledge do you carry in it.