Important MBA Interview Questions and Answers

Some people look at it as chances to achieve their dream while some look forward for it solely as a purpose to earn money. Yes, we are talking here about MBA one of those courses that is lot more in demand for the better job opportunities which it offers. However, to join the organization with such degree in hand can be pretty much challenging due to the increase in the competition. Some may feel confident enough to clear it and hold a good position while for some, it is a tough job to simply clear the interview. Once the personal interview takes place, it is the last mile of the journey to achieve success. Being one of the toughest rounds, here are certain MBA interview questions and answers that can help you understand how to deal with such challenge with effective personal and communicative skills.


Can you tell us something about yourself?

The most common question that every interviewer will ask at the beginning of the interview. This is just a simple way to judge how you can portray yourself. At such time, talk about your education, qualification, interest and hobbies and your strengths of course. Avoid repeating the same that is mentioned in the resume.

What is your experience and qualification?

If you are applying as a fresher, you must highlight the knowledge you have qualified, project which you have undertaken and practical assignments that you have worked on. If you have worked somewhere as an intern, do not forget to mention it in your CV. Other than this, if you already hold an experience of working for the position that you have applied for, and then try to highlight those experiences only which can be beneficial to the organization.

What do you think of a team work?

With this question, the employer is just trying to understand if you really know the importance of working in a team and can you be flexible enough to work in such environment where every individual is dependent on other team member.

Do you hold the resume with a 6 second impact?

This at times is a challenging question. Well it depends on who your interviewer is. For this, you must be aware about the strengths and the key experiences that you have. The focus of the interviewer is simple to test your ability on how you present yourself.

Have you worked on any marketing or finance project earlier?

With this question, the interviewer is trying to understand what all sources have you opted for while making the project and whether they have been the right choice to achieve the success. At such time, you need to explain them about the project which you have done earlier.

How much will you rate yourself out of 10 in this career?

Here the interviewer is just trying to judge whether you are frank enough to set the right decision for yourself. At such time you need to be frank enough if you are rating high do it along with the right answer and explain what makes you rate think like that.

Do you know roles for the position you have applied for?

In case you have applied for finance background, then you will have to handle the finance vertical in the organization. You need to be ready with the answer that would relate with the industry.

Do you have any idea about SWOT?

Some people find it a tricky question as they don’t know the full form of it. SWOT is nothing but strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. You must make sure that you are clearly mentioned in every single point of it in a proper way.

What are your strengths & weaknesses?

Make sure your weakness and strengths that you mention do not affect your job in any negative manner. Try to present yourself in much positive way. Instead of contradicting both the points, try to explain them how these two characters in you walk hand in hand.

Why MBA?

Most of the people well don’t answer this question well. Frankly it is the only question on which your interviewer will judge you mostly. Hence, be ready with all the points that will convince your interviewer on why you have opted for this career. You can explain them how it can be a launch pad for your to be a part of this corporate world.

How grasp can you earn up things?

This is simply to understand whether you are quick enough to understand on what all potentiality you need to have when a new project comes and you understand it.  You must have a good knowledge about the fundamentals of the organization.

Can you tell us about your hobbies?

Sleeping, watching TV is not something to answer here. You need to tell them those hobbies that in some way can motivate you to stay in the company at the same time the company can also acquire benefit from it.

What is your expectation from the organization?

At such time, you must answer it keeping organization well being in mind when they hire you. You can answer them stating that it will help to boost up the confidence level or improve the skills in the business.

Are you flexible enough for relocation?

For people who have done their MBA in marketing, need to understand that their job is not that those of regular 9-5 job. Hence, when it comes of flexibility for relocation, your answer here expected is affirmative.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Here the interviewer is trying to know how well focuses and dedication you are to the job which you are applying for.

Did you face any failure in life?

Here you instead of explaining your heartbreaking story, must explain them how you dealt with the situation and what all things did you learn from your mistake.

How long can you stay with us?

This is going to be the obvious question from the interviewer because for the MBA degree holder like you, the organization cannot afford to loosen up so easily. Hence, make sure you explain the interviewer the positive side of you joining the company.

Have you gone through the company profile? What have you understood from it?

The interviewer is just trying to analyze if you haven’t applied for this job just for the job sake. Hence, be ready with all your answer that interviewer may ask you for the organization that you have applied at.

What all academic achievement have you received?

Here you must tell them about the awards and recognition that you have received from the college or form your previous company. With this, it becomes easy for the organization to understand if you are quite active and participative or not.

How soon can you join us?

Well, with this your pro-activeness is checked. Hence, while mentioning the interviewer about your previous job, try to be clear on the right date of joining.