Content Writer Interview Questions and Answers

Content is the king in Internet marketing and if you don’t really have a good worthy information, then visitors may not visit the website. There are so many online marketing based companies who hire in-house writer to ensure that their brand looks the best online. Content being one of the crucial reason of digital marketing, business hire the full-time content writers. If you are applying for the same, then follow some good sample content writer interview questions which your interviewer might ask you.


What make you think here you can show your skills?

With this question, the interviewer is trying to judge your alertness and how you tackle with such issues. Try to tell them what made you come here for the interview and how your writing skills can benefit the organization.

How do you manage deadlines or priorities?

This is the most common question as for the writer to meet the deadline without compromising with the quality is extremely important. In  such question, always let your interviewer know about your working pattern on how much time do you take for research, how much time you need for writing and then proofreading. The more you convince the interviewer, the better are your chances of getting selected.

Do you have an idea about Search engine optimization?

Well, writer and search engine optimizer work hand in hand. Hence writing the content as per the SEO needs is important. Hence, make sure you study well about SEO services and density of the keyword to be used while writing the content so that your interviewer will get an idea on what all topics can you write.

What all social media tools are you aware of that can help you writing?

There are so many social media tools which can be used for writing. Every writer must have the flair of writing on some interesting topics and hence with such tools they can achieve the quality. The interviewer ask such question to understand if you are using the right site and writing up the genuine content or not.

What are the crimes that strictly need to be avoided while writing?

Plagiarism is the biggest crime that every content writer must avoid. Hence, make sure you explain the same to the interviewer. Here the interviewer will check if you are aware about the tools that are required to detect Plagiarism so as to understand if you are writing original content or not.

Can you brief us about your qualification?

This is pretty simple question for which you need not to be prepared to much in advance. Simply mention your qualifications will what have you studied, and training and courses that you have done to become a good writer. Here the Interviewer needs to simply know your academic background and how it will benefit the company.

What made you choose writing as your career?

Here you need to smartly answer in such a way that interviewer feels that the job is right suited for you. Try to tell the employer that this was your career interest and you had always been passionate about writing.

Can you tell something about key word research?

Writers simply write content that includes certain keywords and hence, any people may find this part easily. The interviewer wants to know if you realize the importance of keywords and using it in the content. Try explaining them its importance using some examples.

Do you have a blog or website?

It is always better to have your own website or blog that can give an interviewer an idea about your article sample and how well it has been optimized. Always mention your website address in your CV too for reference. Explain the interviewer the theme of your site and how it attracts the customers.

Did you receive any feedback on the work done?

With this question, your writing styles is judged and hence, simply answer the same whether or not, the feedback that you received was handle by you in a positive manner.

How do you generally work?

This is a basic question where you simply need to make your interviewer understand your working pattern and how do you focus on achieving the target without compromise with the quality.

Do you prefer working in the team?

Here the interviewer ask you to judge if you are really capable enough to handle the team work as a team with designers, SEO and writer together can only make the best website.

List down the sites that you think are the best in writing?

Mention the list of sites that you think are best enough to give a good informative content. This explains the narrator your choice of writing and the information pattern.

What is your writing style?

Some prefer narrative, some prefer descriptive, some prefer catchy while few prefer purely technical style. Depending on the style of writing you have your interviewer can judge you well.

Are you flexible enough to other writing styles?

It is always better to have an ‘yes’ answer for this. Hence make sure you try to show the samples of your different writing style patterns.

What type of audience have you worked with?

There is different target audience in every sector. If you have targeted college people or the industry based people, kindly give some example of the same, so that interviewer can understand how you can write down the articles.

What do you think about the credible source?

In content writing, the attention must be given to detailing. Hence, try to explain which and what sources you refer while writing as the writer need sit know the every source is not credible.

How do start project with a new client?

Always try to tell the interviewer what all tricks have you used so far to impress the client. Good writer will spend time in understanding the client requirement and then make the content that would build up the information of the brand.

Are you a book lover?

Generally many interviewers think that book lovers have altogether a different way of writing and will judge you depending on whether your hobby is reading a book or not. Now it is on you completely to make them understand how your hobbies and profession are different.

What type of style guide do you order?

There are different style guides such as Chicago Manual or the Associated Press (AP) style which makes the content catchier. If you have worked on it, you need to explain the same to the interviewer.

Writing is not an easy task and hence, so many questions are being asked during the interview. Make sure you crack it up well.