Problem Solving Interview Questions and Answers

Interviewer asking you the surprising question can possibly be the most challenging experience. But it is always better to be prepared for it. It is not necessary that the interviewer will only judge you on you technical skill. He would want to see whether you have the ability to work in an environment with a hectic schedule and have the analytic thinking and problem solving skill. This also helps the interviewer understand if you can tackle with the complex situation. For this, interviewer may ask you questions associated with problem solving. Listed down are some of them.


Can you explain me your work profile please?

This is just an introductory part which the interviewer would ask to comfort you in the environment. Try to be confident and reflect your personality pretty well at such time.

Why you wish to leave your previous job?

This is simply asked to understand if you have committed any crime or is there any kind of issue with your previous company because of which you actually resigned. You can give them the reason of growth in your success for leaving the job.

Are you comfortable in flexible working hours?

This is to judge if the person is comfortable enough to work at any time especially when the deadlines get extended and you have to push yourself a little extra to accomplish the task.

For how long have you been working?

This is to judge whether you understand what exactly does the working environment mean and are you are really capable enough to deal in the environment where there could be lot of stress and pressure.

How did you find your previous job for working?

The interviewer would want to know if you were comfortable enough to working in that environment or you took time to get mixed to it. This will also give an idea to the interviewer whether you can be flexible enough to get mixed up in this working environment or not.

Do you think this job fits you and why?

The interviewer here is just trying to understand if you really know what kind of job you will have to perform. Your duty is to explain the employer all the best things you can provide the company and how you can get a good career success by joining the company.

How do you define a team work?

It is usually asked to understand whether you can get involved socially or prefer to work as an individual. It is crucial to understand your work pattern specially when it comes of working with team.

Was there any crucial challenge that you faced in your previous job?

Here the interviewer would want to know how proactively you handle the situation that may come up to you as a hurdle. Try to explain the scenario where you proved out to be fruitful for the company when there was certain crises in which you initiated.

Have you ever done any mistake in your work and how did you learn from it?

Mistakes do happen and if you deny it there is certainly no one will believe. It is better to explain the interviewer the situation where your strategy was not appropriate for a particular task. But if you have dealt with the situation, then try to also stress out on how improved it.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had some arguments with your team and how did you deal with it?

There are times when you may not agree with other members of your team and can be a situation that your decision might have proved wrong. However, what matters is how you dealt with the situation. This allows the interviewer to understand whether you have the acceptance skills and how to actively deal with the problem.

Define a problem?

It is a challenging situation where you need to show up the best possible solution using your skills and abilities and thus get the task done in a right manner.

How can you efficient strategy a good plan for the problem?

It is not necessary that every time the strategy you make might work. However, for dealing with daily challenges, you can first plan out well then plot and organize things and then execute it in the right manner.

Is there any specific way by which you gather data?

For every employee there is his own style of working. With such question, the interviewer is trying to guess your working pattern and how you manage to gather the data in the best possible time value. Beat you the question by stressing more on organizing factor.

Do you believe in time management and how do you deliver the work on time?

Time management is extremely crucial for every work to be done specially in the working environment. Hence, try to give an assertive answer on the same and explain them your schedule on how you deliver the work without compromising with the quality.

Have you ever analyzed and assess the risk?

Risk assessment involves the chances of success and failure depending on how you make the judgment. With this question, the interviewer gets an idea on how much well utilization of brain you do and whether the strategies’ that you apply ideally work on solving a problem or not.

What steps did you follow to identify the risk involved?

If you have any specific way to assess the risk and try to solve it in own way, then you can certainly explain the same to the interviewer. This would create a lasting impression on your interviewer. Always give the examples on which at the end you have given an appropriate solution.

Describe a situation where you face a difficult problem but solved it in an easy way?

This question is to understand how well and efficient you are ideally to solve the problems in the best possible manner. Try to explain them the scenario where you had shown your skills and abilities to deal with the situation and it was a success too.

Do you think discussing the problem with team would work?

Your team involvement from this will be reflected. Hence, if you feel that team efforts equally matters to analyze the problem, then answer the same to the interviewer. It will be more than a relief for an interviewer to know that you believe in working with a team.

Are your strategies always logical to solve the problem?

This is usually asked to understand if you really know what you are doing. You can simply explain them on what makes you think the problem had raised and whether you are really efficient enough to deal with the same.

Do you feel that sometimes a team can make a wrong decision too?

Arguments in the team do happen. But at the end it is the combination of individual discussions on that particular topic. At some point the majority that might be favoring on the wrong decision may win and this may result in the wrong decision eventually. Hence, chances are for a team to mess up things.