Nursing Interview Questions and Answers

The task associated with a nurse job is not so easy. You need to extra careful and cautious and make it a point that you treat every patient with extra care. Talking about the same, if you are looking forward to apply for the nurse position, then you might want to create your first impression be the best and for this, you must understand the interview questions and the answers that can help you out.

Nursing interview

Can you tell us about yourself?

Give your introduction by explaining them about your personal details and work experience. You can also share what and where all nursing you have performed over past few years.

Please tell us why you opted for nursing option?

Nursing is one such designation that needs lot of dedication and ample of patience as well. If you have an interest in it tell the interviewer what created this interest in you and how did you decide to make a career in it.

Tell us your work experience?

It is always better to tell your work experience in nursing field. Other than this, if you have also worked in other healthcare department that somehow be advantageous for your current position you can give the solution of the same.

Are you willing to relocate to other city?

There can be situation where you might have to shift to another city where the nursing position is vacant or the staff needs more nursing team for the patients. If you are comfortable for such scenarios then kindly explain the same to the interviewer.

Do you know something good about health care equipments?

It would be great if you have any knowledge about using different health care equipments that can be a necessity specially at the time of emergency. Explain them if you have any knowledge about it.

What is your educational background?

Here explain the interview about the knowledge that you have acquired with regards to nursing from an institute. Also if there is any kind of health care certification courses that you have done, then explain the same.

Do you expect a good payout?

There are few NGO’s hospitals and clinics who may not offer you too high pay. You need to decide on where you want to work with and whether the organization can negotiate in monetary terms or not.

Is there any specific reason because of which you wish to work here?

Explain the interviewer about your eagerness to work at such place for employment. Try to keep an positive approach while explaining them on the connection you have between the career and the way you can achieve it at the company.

Are you comfortable enough to work under pressure?

Usually nurses have to work in a hectic environment and thus their job is pretty much tough too. To deal with day to day pressurized job, ensure that you show your eagerness to work.

Can you work in extended work time?

Talking about the work pressure, you have to expect that there can be a problem for you to extend your timing. This may be because of day to day pressure.

Do you think you can be a good team player?

This is pretty obvious as you will have to work with other nurses who might share good skills like yours. You need to be good with your social skills and thus keep your patient and visitors relaxed in their bad time. For this a team player approach is important. If you feel you have this capacity then go ahead and tell the same to the interviewer.

Kindly explain the strength and weakness that you have?

With such question, the interviewer wants to know how your strength an prove to be assets for the workplace and weakness can help them understand how open minded you are.

What motivates you to become a nurse?

Generally most of the companies prefer to choose the healthcare workers who can motivate them with their intangible ideal. If cash is your ultimate motivation, the avoid elaborating the same.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Explain the interviewer your goals and how you have planned your success to achieve in next three years. With this interviewer would know how well you are organized.

What makes you outstanding when compared with other applicants?

Explain the interviewer on how you can prove to be beneficial for the organization and patients if get hired. Explain your extra abilities and skills which you feel other applicants are missing out.

Do you know about nursing?

Now that you enter the nursing specialty, you need to be sure that you are aware about the role. You need to show how passionate you are with regards for this job. You must reflect how knowledgeable you are with such passion.

Have you dealt with different environment in health care?

Certainly, nurse has to deal with frustrated patients their upset family members, angry doctors. In case you have faced the same, the interviewer would want to understand the same. This would be counted as your healthcare experience. Besides, you would also have to explain them the solution you provided.

Tell us why we should hire you.

Here the interviewer is just trying to judge your self-confidence. Highlight your positive attitude, good attributes and also reaffirm that how well you are team player. This would certainly impress the interviewer and satisfy his question.

What is your ideal working environment?

This is your personal opinion but interviewer would want to know how you prefer your environment of work to be.

Why you wish to leave your previous job?

Whether the salary, fight, hectic schedule whatever be the reasons explain the same to the interviewer so that he gets an idea about the situation that made you leave the job.