Networking Interview Questions and Answers

Networking job require best possible skills and abilities that would help to improve the system in far much better way. Generally employers go through every single resume and then conduct a preliminary interviews and then plan to meet and take the interview of the candidate for the networking role. If you have applied for such jobs and looking forward to clear the interview then certainly you  need to prepare yourself with few questions and answers that may be asked.

Networking Questions and answers

What is your prior experience?

Although the details are mentioned in your CV but the interviewer would try to understand how you speak about yourself in the confident tone. It is to judge how well you can present yourself.

Can you tell us about yourself?

This question is asked to simply ease you down in all aspects. Tell the interviewer about your personal details and the work profile and educational qualification that you hold.

How many years of relevant experience you have?

This question is asked to understand how well you are into networking sector. Elaborate well about the networking details and accordingly explain them how the experience will help this organization too.

Do you the different layers of the OSI reference model

Generally OSI layers are available in 7 types called as Network Layer, Physical Layer, Transport Layer, Application Layer, Data Link Layer, Presentation Layer, and Session Layer.

How does the security of the network may get affected?

If there is a virus or an Unauthorized Access then it may affect the security of the network.

Can you tell us your educational and project work in detail?

This is just to understand if you have a good knowledge and years of experience of working in the networking sector. This will help the interviewer to understand whether you have sufficient knowledge to work on other sources related to networking.

Can you explain about network?

It is a set of devices that are connected with the links of physical media. Generally it is a recursively a connected of more nodes with a physical link or also the two or more networks that get connected by few nodes.

How long can you work with us?

This is merely asked to understand whether you believe in growth with stability or it is only growth that you aim for. It all matters on how well you plan out for your goal to be achieved with the organization. Explain the same to the interviewer in an assertive manner.

Can you tell us the network types in which you have an experience?

Probably you will be asked this question to understand if you have a good knowledge and experience of working on a particular type of network model that you use. It is equally a fact that candidates to are not a good fits would assume to learn and understand the critical skills. But if you are the one who has already got a good skill set than it will definitely be advantageous for the business.

Do you believe in Team playing?

Mostly the networking task involves opinion and efforts of other that are put together. So ideally, you will have to work in team and if you prefer working as an individual contributor, it will not create a bad impression but not being social with people will certainly be noticed by the interviewer and that may create a wrong impression.

Why you wish to leave your previous organization?

This is one of the most common questions which is usually asked. It helps the interviewer understand your reason, patience and logical point of view to approach the company and accordingly will make sure not to repeat the mistake that previous organization has done.

Do you know the criteria that help to get efficient network?

Generally it depends on performance, security, reliability which helps in better data saving services.

Are you flexible to work in extended timelines?

In networking industry you just can’t expect an 8 hours job. You really need to extend your timing depending on the project accomplishment. For this, you can certainly be sure to extend your deadline and thus can be pretty hectic.

Do you know what a Link is?

A network at the lowest level consists of two or more computers. These computers are connected with a physical medium directly like an optical fiber. This physical medium is known as link.

Why do you think we should hire you?

This question is asked to understand how confident you are about your abilities and skills. Also explain the interviewer the reasons on how you can benefit the company with your working abilities.

What is your salary expectation?

This is generally asked to understand how comfortable you are in working with the salary that company is providing. You can explain the interviewer on why you expect a particular amount of salary. If your skills impress the interviewer they would not compose with the salary at all.

Can you explain about node?

When the network that consistence of two or more computers is connected with coaxial cable it becomes a link and the computer which connects it is known as node.

Can you tell us about the different factors that would affect the network performance?

Hardware, number of users, transmission medium type and software are some of the factors that affect the network performance.

What do you know about Router?

The node is connected to two or more networks which is known as Gateway. Usually it forwards the message from one kind of network to another.

Can you explain about multiple aces?

Although you may find this question pretty simple, but it is asked to just understand how well do you know about the network.  When the physical links get shared by more than two nodes, it is known as multiple accesses.