iOS Interview Questions and Answers

If you are looking forward to make a good career in iOS, certainly you need to deal with few challenging interview questions and answers that will be asked. It is not an easy job to simply learn those books and get the company you had dreamt of, you need to prepare yourself with all sorts of interview questions that will be asked.


Can you please introduce yourself?

Generally this type of question is asked to let the candidate get relaxed to the environment. It is agreed as the most easy question, however, you must keep in mind that you need to create a good impression with such question. Hence, properly describe about your personal and educational profile well.

How many years of experience do you hold?

This is ideally asked to understand, if you have a good knowledge about iOS or you are just a fresher who is looking for the right career path. Depending on this answer, you will be asked questions associated to iOS.

Can you explain us your previous work profile?

With this question, your interviewer is keen to know on what all knowledge and experience you hold with regards to iOS. Try to answer this question in such a way that your work experience specially associated with iOS projects are explained well.

What is the need to join us?

Usually this type of question is asked to understand how prompt and active you can be to answer such question. Try to explain them your need for the growth and experience along with knowledge which you will not find in any other company

Do you think you are flexible enough to tackle the projects?

You need to explain them how flexible you are in the projects that are associated with iOS. Try explaining them how quickly you can respond to clients issues and deal with it.

Can you explain us how to create a custom view

To create a custom view, you simply need to use the feature by Subclassing the UIView class.

Do you know anything about App Bundle?

For this, you need to simply answer stating there are different packages that create iOS and make it as a bundle. Thus, bundle becomes a dictionary in the system of the file of different resources that are grouped together in a one common place.

Please elaborate about fast enumeration”

For this, you simply have to define the real meaning of it. It is a language which offers the features of enumerate over the contents with a better collection. Due to this, it becomes easy for the code to run faster.

Do you have an idea about struct?

It is a data type of C in which there is an encapsulation of other pieces of the data that are made in the single cogesive unite.

Is there any difference between NSArray and  NSMutableArray?

The answer for this is yes as you can make the changes in NSMutableArray whenever required where as in case of NSArrayʼs contents, there is no scope of any modification.

Kindly explain about plist?

It is Property Lists and is like a key value for storing the data and application in the efficient manner. You can also retrieve the data back again whenever required.

Do you know about IPA?

IPA is an abbreviation used for iOS App Store Package. With Apple’s FairPlay DRM technology, this application is encrypted. Generally it helps to store an iPhone app and installing it.

Explain us about CoreData?

There is quite a gap between what people want to say about it and what you need to explain the interviewer. Many people call it as one kind of way to store the data on the disk where you should answer it stating it is a SQLite database API where the internal state of the class can easily be retrieved.

Please explain the difference between bounds and frame?

Both are related to views. However, talking about the bounds, it is the rectangle one in shape which is relative to the coordinate system where as Frame is also rectangle in shape but relative to the super view

Do you think that delegation is retained?

With this question, the interviewer is simply trying to judge your knowledge. Of course the answer for the same is no and for the fact it can never be retained.

Can you highlight the hierarchy for a UIButton until NSObject

Genereally UI button comes from UIControl which is become heir to UIview which is inherited from UIResponder which comes from the NSObject root class.

Do you feel iOS support multitasking?

There are different versions of iOS. If you talk about iOS 4 and the above versions then it definitely supports multi tasking. Besides, it also let the apps to stay in the background till it is launched again till it gets terminated.

What tools support in creating iOS applications?

Here you just have to name those tools that you think can give better results in making the iOS application a successful one. Generally it is iOS SDK and Intel-based Macintosh computer which are required.

Kindly explain the framework that can build up the application’s user interface for iOS?

It is the UIKit framework that contributes well in creating the application’s user interface for iOS. It helps to draw model, views, handle the events and controls certain touch screen interface design.

Can you understand the status of the App when it comes in active state?

The answer is pretty simple for this. When the app runs in the foreground and there are certain events which are being received, it means the app is active.

Study well and prepare your mind for the better answers on the questions that will be asked for iOS interview.