Interview Tips For Waiter and Waitressing Jobs – Part 1 – Pre Interview Preparation


In part 1 of Server Interview Tips for Waiter and Waitressing Jobs we’ll cover the preparation needed prior to going in for an interview. People get nervous about interviews because they’re face-to-face with somebody and have to answer questions on the spot. People get this anxiety for a variety of other reasons, but being prepared, can take away a lot of that anxiety.

If you want a waiter or waitressing job where you average over $20 dollars an hour in tips, these interview tips will help you get over that anxiety and give you an advantage over your competition.

A lot of people don’t think you’re interviewed until after you’ve filled out an application and then get a call back from management. In reality, most restaurants won’t let you take applications home. You’ll fill it out on the spot and immediately have your first interview. If your first interview goes well, then you’ll get a call back for a second interview with another manager.

Therefore, you have to be ready to interview before you even fill out an application. The second you walk through those restaurant doors, impressions are being made and you have to be prepared to give management a reason to call you back for a second interview.

Here’s my waiter/waitress checklist for interview preparation:

  1. Your physical appearance is the first thing people will notice. Gentlemen, this means being clean cut and well dressed. Ladies, this means look professional, with a personal sense of style. There’s nothing wrong with being overdressed, it shows that making a good impression is important to you.
  2. Physical demeanor is another attribute that ‘s noticed right off the bat. Good posture, eye contact and a solid handshake are all signs of strength and confidence that managers look for in a waiter or waitress.
  3. Personality traits are another important factor. Remember to turn that smile on all the way and spread that positive energy. Enthusiasm and desire to learn are traits that restaurant managers look for because you can teach somebody to be a good waiter. You can’t make somebody want to learn and you can’t make somebody enthusiastic.
  4. You’ve done your research about the specific restaurant. You’re familiar with their food, drinks and philosophy.
  5. We have a killer resume.
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Remember that knowledge is the key. If you do your research and come fully prepared, you’ll rock that interview and be well on your way to that $20 an hour waitressing job.


Source by Michael Sbicca