Interview Questions That Are Usually Asked When You Apply For a Job

Here are some commonly asked questions in job interviews and some tips on how to prepare your answers:

Tell me something about yourself
o Keep it as short as possible. Avoid giving an autobiography beginning from childhood memories to the present. You are probably not the only applicant the interviewer will be speaking with. Give information about yourself that they are not mentioned on your resume.
o This is a chance to "sell" yourself, particularly to sell your strong points. Share your recent achievements and general skills that would be useful to the company.

Why do you want to work for our company?
o Show them through your answers that you have researched about their company and that in joining them; you would like to learn more.
o Avoid over-general answers. As much as possible give specific examples on why you think that they are a "good" or "successful" company.
o You may acquire details for your research from the company's website, people who are already working there or have worked there or while waiting in the lounge for your turn to be called.

Why should we hire you?
o Mention how you always deliver on time and that you do not settle for mediocre results.
o You may also elaborate on information from your resume.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
o This is a trap question and you must not fall for it. With this question, the interviewer is asking: How long do you see yourself working in this company. It's a loyalty check – they want to know if you really are serious in your application and that you see yourself working for them long-term.
o An ideal answer would be that you see yourself within the company still after several years. Say that you see yourself progressing in the company and after a few years, you want to be in a higher position. Nobody wants to hire someone who is stagnant after all.
o State the steps you plan to take in order to attain this goal. Make your plans attainable, too.
o A bad answer would be say that you see yourself in another field – one that you really have your eyes on. Translation: I really do not have much choice as of this moment and applying for your company is the next best thing but after I've built my momumum, I'll go for my dreams.

What are you looking for in a job?
o Focus on customizing your answers to the opportunities that are available in the company.
o Speak about how you are a doer and not just a talker.
o Do not focus so much on your own security.

How much are you expecting as compensation?
o This is where your research on the company will also come handy. Knowing about the specific responsibilities the position you are applying for will give you a fair idea on a fair figure.
o An ideal answer would be saying that the salary would justify the demands of the position and that it is within industry standards.

There are still many common questions that are frequently asked in job interviews. Whatever industry you are applying to and for whatever position remember that it is not what you can get from the company but what you can bring to the company.

Source by Samantha Vera Smith