Interview Questions and Answers For Teachers

Your next aim is to clear the round of interview that would be held on coming weekend for the position of a teacher. So are you really keen to apply for this position and you think that you have those ability to teach those students with different thinking abilities? If yes, then be prepared for your interviewer. For better help you can certainly opt for teacher’s interview questions and answers.

Teachers Interview Question and Answers

Can you please brief us about yourself?

Here tell the interviewer about your personal details, educational background and work experience. Together this will give an idea to the interviewer about the individual he is taking an interview of.

Have you worked on the same position earlier?

This is crucial for an interviewer to know if you hold a good experience of teaching. Teaching is not an easy profession. You need to be good at it and for this an experience is must.

Do you think in previous company salary was not an issue?

If you feel that only because of salary you left your previous job, then it may show instability of working within the organization. But if you along with salary also mention other points, it may work.

Any specific reason of leaving your previous teaching career?

Try to explain them where the organization was lacking to give you the right returns on what hard work and dedication you have done. This will help the current employer know about things to be careful about.

Were you satisfied with your previous teaching pattern?

In case you feel that you need to improve your teaching career and for which you have moved on to the current organization you can also mention the same. Also let the company know where you satisfied with your previous working condition.

What educational qualification do you hold?

In case you have done any courses or certification training programs or the projects associated with teaching then it would be an advantageous for the organization.

If you walked in a class during an outstanding lesson, what would you hear and see?

This is asked to understand your presence of mind. For this, you can answer by telling animated discussions and students showing their progress in work.

Can you give an example of behavior management strategy that was used by you and was successful to engage group of pupils?

You can explain them your experience or the opinion on what behavior management strategy means for you. Talking about an experience you can tell them a sentence like ‘It allows the candidates understand the theoretical answer which would have given them a proper balance along with personal reflection.

Do you love teaching?

This is a complete personal opinion but of course you have applied for this position as this career interests you. In case you feel that teaching is far beyond something than your career interest then explain them how.

Is there any particular subject topic you want to teach?

Generally a teacher needs to be extremely versatile while explaining a subject. However, these days’ subject specialization has increased so much that if you are looking forward to teach a particular subject you can do the same accordingly.

Are you good at supervising?

For every teacher, this is a crucial thing. It helps the employer understand whether the teacher is attentive and active enough to allow the students pay attention to necessary things and solve their concerns.

Is there any specific reason for which you wish to work in special education?

Generally employers look for the person who understand for whom the education business works and it is more than taking care of the children, you need to assure the same to the interviewer

Do you have those qualities that any student would look in a teacher? If yes, which one do you think?

It is always good to be confident about yourself. As a teacher, you need to have consistency, fair attitude and a good sense of humor. Besides, you should look passionate about the subject and must be good in explaining new ideas as well. If you possess all these qualities, any student would like to learn under your support.

Any specific reason because of which you have applied for the post?

If you have applied for this post for growth, success and even the money, the explain the same to the interviewer. If you have applied for the post keeping only your interest in mind, then you need to explain the same to the interviewer.

Does anything that inspires you?

Be it a writer, an actor or any personality any thing that inspires you and motivates you to do better in life you can mention the same to the interviewer.

Are there any personal interests that you hold that can be valuable for this teaching organization?

If you are good at sports, then it could be an advantage or if you are good in activities that can be brought in such organization would make the student more active, then mention the same to the interviewer.

Are you flexible enough to stretch your working hours?

There are times when you might have to check papers or correct the project that had been assigned to the student. In case you are flexible enough to stretch your deadline, then employer would certainly be happy.

What is the good lesson you have learnt it so far?

The interviewer would want to understand if you are confident and have the open abilities to understand and accept that mistake can happen any time. Be it an incident that changed your life or got you on successful path, explain the same to the interviewer.

Are you a strict teacher?

This is certainly not an easy job to answer. But sometimes if you think you become blunt or your voice raises, it shows that you are impatient. You must try to tell in what sense you consider yourself a strict teacher.

Are you capable enough to take the class of students who are huge in numbers?

If you prefer a small number of students or you think that handling a huge crowd is not a problem for you, then explain the same to the interviewer and also tell them how you can manage it out.