Important Android Interview Questions and Answers

With the development in technology and more usage of smart phones, you can now easily understand why Android seems to be in demand so much. It is the last mobile operating system which is based on the Linux Kernel. Currently developed by Google, this system is gaining lot of popularity and demand over the past few years. Depending on the direct manipulation with user interface, Android is mostly used for touch screen mobile devices like Tablet computers and smart phones as well. Other than this devices like car, television and even the wrist watches work on Android. If you are looking out for job in this and have a better experiences, then listed down are some sample questions and answers that will be asked to you at the time of interview.


Why should we hire you?

This is the very first question you will be asked in the company where android is the basic subject. Hence, explain them in detail on the services and knowledge that you have about Android.

Can you show us any of the projects that you have worked on?

It will always be great if you can explain them about the projects that you have previously worked on. Just in case there are not many examples you can show them due to previous company policy then you can show them live examples on how you have worked on.

What things do you know about Android?

Android is ideally used for devices like mobile phones and even the tablets. This operating system is the open source which is used for many devices. Based on Linux kernel, it allows the developers to make and run the app smoothly depending on different basic and advanced functions.

Do you have any idea about Google Android SDK?

It is a popular toolset which is used by the developers. With toolset, it becomes convenient to write any kind of apps on Android based device. Besides, there is also a graphical interface which follows the Android driven handheld environment

While creating a new android application, what are the files necessary?

When creating a new application, it is necessary to create folders like src which includes the .java source of the project then comes gen which includes the projects and then there is Android 4.0 library which has got the class libraries. Other than this assets, bin and res folder are also important.

What all are the activities associated with android?

The basic activity is of course the user interface which it offers. When the application is created, the default name is set called Main Activity. The focal point of such activities is to have a better interaction with the users.

Can you elaborate more about AAPT?

The full form of AAPT is Android Asset Packaging Tool. It is used by the developers so that they can deal with the zip-compatible archives. With this tool, you can extract, create and even view the contents that are being made.

Why is emulator important in Android environment?

With emulator, it becomes easy for the developers to play around, edit and create the interface easily. Thus, it acts more like a mobile phone. With emulator it becomes easy to write and even perform the test codes and debug. It is the safest place that can be used for testing the codes

What is Intents?

Generally for any android application there is no activity. If you wish to move from one activity to another, then you can take the help of the intent class. It is available in.content.Intent package. There are two types of intents explicitly intents and implicit intents.

Do you know different data storage options?

SQlite, File Storage, Shared Preferences, Cloud Storage and ContentProvider are some of the common data storage options.

What is Shared Preference?

It is a simple mechanism that stores the data in android. It is very simple to create the file or use the file with the help of API. The data gets stored up in XML dile. This class saves ample of time and gives you back the primary data types

What are different Applications of Shared Preference?

It stores the information in number of visitors. It also helps to store the username and password. The user setting options can be stored easily. You can also store the time and date.

Can you explain us the components of Android Architecture?

There are 4 components of Android namely Libraries, Linux kernel, Android Framework and android application.

Can you tell us the advantages of emulator?

With emulator we can write, test and debug the code. Besides, we have the right to work on the interface without any sort of restriction. It is completely safe to test the code in previous designing phase.

Brief us about activity Creator?

In the Android project, this is said to be the primary stage which consists of sheel script. It thus helps to make new file system structure which is necessary to write the codes in Android IDE.

Explain in detail about intent filters?

In this filter more than two interests are used. It completely depends on the activities and services which will be used. Every component will mention you what components they will want to respond to.

How many years of experience do you hold?

Here you need to mention them the knowledge and ideas that you have gained from your previous company. With experience information, it becomes easy for the interviewer to understand if you actually are eligible to apply for such service.

Why and where are the layouts details placed?

Generally such type of details is placed in XML files. XML is the layout that offers a constant and standard meaning to set the GUI definition format.

Explain us the importance of the containers?

The focus of such containers is to make a good grip of widgets and objects in a certain arrangement. Such type of containers can also hold fields, labels, buttons and child containers.

How long can you stay with us?

This probably will be a common yet person question for which you simply need to answer in positive way. By this, interviewer gets an assurance on whether you can work for long term or not.