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In an ever-changing economy, you never know when situations might arise that have you saying, “I need a resume fast.” You’ll wish you had a direct line to all the job search success secrets ever published.

Here are three principles you can use to help you create a resume that will jumpstart your job-hunting efforts.

First, find a solid resume writing system.

You’ll be tempted to do a quick Internet search, download a resume template and paste your information into it. That will get you a resume fast, but it’s not likely to get you a job interview.

You need more than just resume samples. You need structure. You need organizational guidelines. You need techniques and strategies that work.

The extra time it takes to get a resume writing system that fits your needs will payoff in the end. It will keep you from wasted effort building resumes that are useless.

A good resume system will also help you write cover letters that make sure your resume gets read.

Second, learn the system.

You have to understand the principles used in the resume writing system before you can implement them. This will allow you to apply methods you discover over and over. You’ll have a foundational knowledge so you can write a strong resume for any job you want.

You might already be focused on a job that seems perfect for you, but tomorrow an even better opportunity might come along.

Third, think creatively.

Don’t just plug your information into the resume system. Consider how your situation fits into the philosophy behind it. This will make your resume more powerful.

Your ultimate goal is to land a job that fits your skills, abilities and personality. A key step is creating a resume that conveys that point of view to your potential employer.

A well-written resume will not only highlight your strong points, but will also showcase the person behind those strengths.

So don’t panic if you find yourself saying, “I need a resume fast.” Stay calm. All the job search success secrets in the world won’t work if you come off as anxious and desperate.


Source by Stephen DeVane

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