How to Use Conversational Hypnosis in a Job Interview


If you want the edge over other job-candidates then you really need to start learning conversational hypnosis skills. Conversational Hypnosis is a form of hypnosis where you can put people into a light trance just by talking to them. Now this doesn’t mean that you will be able to control other people or that they will close their eyes and go to sleep. But you will be able to make the prospect of hiring you much more attractive, and which company does not want to hire someone that has advanced persuasion, negotiation and communication skills?

The first rule of hypnosis is that you must first enter the emotional state and mindset that you want others to experience. This means that if you go into an interview feeling relaxed and confident then the interview will unconsciously pick this up through your body-language, eye-contact and voice tone and this will in turn make him feel at ease and comfortable.

The next step is to match the way the interview speaks in a subtle and respectful manner. For example he might ask you: “We need people that feel confident when meeting clients and are able to leave a good impression, can you give us an example of a previous work situation where you acted like this”. In reply you could first give a suitable example and at the end attach “… which shows that I feel confident when meeting clients and leave a good impression with them”. Another example could be using key-words that the interviewer uses often. Words like: “drive, ambition, goal orientated”. Remember, using similar language to your interviewer not only makes them feel listened to, it also puts you in a similar ‘head-space’ so that you can more easily understand their point of view and how they think.

Finally, when you are asked to give examples of situations where you demonstrated particular skills make sure you use all senses to convey your message. Describe how you felt in challenging situations, the looks on the faces of your satisfied clients and how their voices sounded when you did a good job for them. Being good at describing the details of these stories will make them vivid in the mind of your interviewer. When he takes all the candidates into consideration your interview will be the most memorable.


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