How to Prepare for Interview?

When an Interview call arrives for the job you have applied for, you feel happy as you have walked the very first step towards getting that job. The anxiety of facing the interview can make you nervous and a bit confused, Questions like what will they ask?, what if I won’t be able to answer properly? And what all I should prepare? Can make you worry too much.
Planning, preparation and correct knowledge about the interview can help you a lot in dealing with the pressure and subsequently winning the job. Research and planning can boost up your confidence a lot and keep you calm during the interview.


So, let’s begin with all the preparations required before going for the Interview of your dream job!

1. Prepare a brief yet impressive introduction of yourself!
2. Research about the company you have applied for and know about the job description in depth!
3. Think about the negative questions like why you have left the last company? And be prepared with an explanative yet positive answer!
4. Keep few questions handy, which can be asked to the interviewers!
5. Give a deep read to your CV as well as the application form!
6. Plan and Practice some general questions and some technical questions which may be asked in the interview and prepare their answers.

General Preparations:

*Avoid alcohol the night before the interview day
*Get plenty of sleep.
*Select an appropriate outfit.
*Have a healthy breakfast
*Reach the interview hall well in time.

Things to be carried along during an interview!

Generally, you get to know in the interview invitation about all the things required during the interview. But, here are few things which you shouldn’t forget while packing your bag for the interview:
1. A water bottle: It will keep you hydrated and hence energetic.
2. You CV and the letter of invitation for the interview.
3. Important certificate and documents like experience certificate from the firms you’ve worked in the past and qualification certificates.
4. Money
5. Accurate address of the place you are going to.
6. A notepad and a pen: In case you need to fill some forms or take some notes.
7. Contact details of the person you are going to meet at first in the company you are going for the interview.
8. A verified photo ID.
9. And last but not the least, your mobile phone.

As, you have everything in your bag which can be required during your interview. Let’s do some preparations for making a good impression!

1. Behave nicely with everyone you meet or interact before and after the interview.
2. Always answer the questions confidently and yet precisely.
3. Keep your moral high and look enthusiastic.
4. Stay and behave positively, keep smiling and keep maintaining the eye contact with the interviewers. It keeps the atmosphere positive.
5. Don’t talk negative about your last company or employer. It makes a negative impression.
6. Emphasize the role of this job in the success of your career but avoid showing desperateness.
7. Handshakes are important so, make them firm.
8. Sit properly, look relaxed but don’t slouch in your chair.
9. Properly cleaned and ironed attire is a must and keep your shoes shining.
10. Ask relevant questions but in an interesting way. They should be clear enough to provoke thoughtfulness.
11. Talk sense and discuss about your experience, achievements and skill which really can shine your persona.
12. Don’t talk about personal matters till the time you are asked about them.

An interview can be panicking enough to make you nervous and negative. You can forget simple things and feel unnecessary pressurized. Keeping a positive attitude can make you confident and keeps the environment less stressed.

So, here are few tips to keep you calm during an interview.

1. First and foremost, keep the technical part of the interview ready. Use your experience and knowledge to know the job description and prepare well in advance.
2. Practice the interview before it happens. Mock sessions can help considerably in wear off the interview pressure.
3. Keep the structure of the interview in your mind and start with a lighter note.
4. If you are stuck with a tough question then take a small pause before answering it or ask for the explanation or clarification. It gives you the window to think about the answer.
5. Keep the track of time, avoid talking unnecessarily.
6. Exercising before going for the interview and deep breathing before entering the interview room can help you calm your nerves.
7. Taking a toilet break before entering the interview room can help you focus and can de-stress you.
8. Thinking about happy times can make you positive.
9. Remind yourself that in the worst case scenario, if you are not able to ace the interview the only thing you will lose is an opportunity and with the hard work, opportunities will keep coming in your way.
8. Try to answer the questions with a deep breath and avoid talking hurriedly.

As you have cleared this interview let’s see how to prepare for the second interview call!
A second interview means you are already through to the first interview, this means that the screening part is over and now the interviewer will look for your actual worth forth the job and the company. Now, it’s the time you show them that why you are above all the candidates who have not cleared the first or previous interview.

So, here is the brief idea of what all preparations are required to ace this second interview!

1. It is the best idea to request the company for their feedback of your last interview. It will help you to overcome your lacking which may have occurred in the first interview.
2. Understand the goals of the company in details and show full enthusiasm in them.
3. Remember all the previous answers you have given to the interviewers and now relate your answers with them.
4. Keep a detailed knowledge about the organization, its competitors and working culture.
5. Always be ready to discuss the salary you are expecting and even negotiations you are willing to do in case you get the job.