How to Demonstrate Your Organizational Skills to an Interviewer


No matter what job you’re applying for, you’ll need some sort of organizational skills. Employers will want their employees will be able to get all their work done on time without forgetting anything. Interviewers will be looking for this ability in potential employees. Read to find out what they’ll specifically be asking about.

The first thing the interviewer will want to know is that you can meet deadlines. They might ask you to think of a time when you had an urgent deadline and you had to decide what tasks were truly important in order get it done on time. The interviewer will want to see that you can prioritize properly, and won’t get frantic when deadlines are looming. Talk about how you kept yourself organized, decided which tasks were urgent and which could wait until later.

The next thing the interviewer will want to see is that you have the ability to plan independently. The interviewer might ask about a time when you had to create a plan and execute it. Talk about how you figured out what you needed to get done and how well you stuck to the plan. Plans invariably change, so you don’t have to claim that yours was followed to the letter, but do talk about how your plan kept the project going until it was finished.

Lastly, the interviewer wants to see that you can transfer your organizational skills over to other people. They might ask you if you’ve ever had to get a group of people organized, or lead a team in completing a project. Any time you’ve gathered people together to get something done is fair game. Talk about how you kept everyone organized and on task, and how you kept everyone in communication so no one lost out on important information. You may have done this through regular meetings, email, phone calls, or any number of other methods. Talk about what you did that worked well.

Obviously, none of this will count for much if you seem disorganized during the interview or during other parts of the interview process. Make sure you have any papers you bring well-organized and ready to hand to the interviewer if necessary. Return phone calls and emails in a timely manner, and be punctual to the interview. Don’t seem rushed or frazzled. Aim for a good first impression that you’ve got everything together. As long as you spend enough time on preparation, you won’t seem out of sorts on interview day.


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