How to Conduct A Job Interview – 5 Helpful Tips

A job interview, this is where you find out everything you what to know from a potential employee before you hire them. When it comes to interviewing a person for a position, there are 5 steps you can use to guide you in the conducting of the interview.

Step # 1: Before the Interview

Before you even see the person you're going to interview you need to set yourself up for the encounter. You will need to choose a setting that is quite and away from distractions, usually an office or meeting room. You will also need to prepare a list of questions that will help you evaluate the interviewee later on.

Step # 2: Yes and No is the not the way to Go

Asking yes / no questions is not going to get much done for you. You need to ask open ended questions that require the interviewee to answer with a little bit more detail. These questions make the interviewee tell you what you need to know.

Step # 3: Ask the Right Questions

By knowing what kind of person you are looking for, you will be able to ask better questions to determine if that person is right for the job. This helps tremendously in creating questions that the interviewee is forced to answer and helps you decide if they are right for the job.

Step # 4: Explaining the Position

A potential employee may not know what the job requests for, so by explaining the position you are able to clear up any doubts that they may have before they ask you, which also helps in shortening the interview time in case you have a list of interview appointments to do. When explaining the position, talk about the job duties and tell them what you expect out of your workers and goals for the position.

Step # 5: Test Them

If you have an activity or test that you can get the potential employee to do, this will help you a great deal in your decision making. For example, if the position requests for you to type, have them type a short article from the newspaper and time them for a minute. This helps in knowing how many words per minute they can type. Nothing to big though, you do not want to scare the person away.

In Summary

Well, there you have it. These are 5 tips you can use when you have to conduct an interview. For more information about setting up interviews go HERE [] and click on the interview link.

Best of Luck.

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