Group Interviews

Job interviews are no longer an easy task. The increase in job opportunities in different sectors has equally increased more challenges and competitions to face during the selection round. One such toughest change from which every individual applying for job needs to come across is group interview. There are so many myths associated with such type of interview but only those people can clear it have got the caliber to grasp the attention of the employers and show their confidence in front of other people. It is one crucial part of job selection for the employers to understand who can be the right candidate to represent their company in the future. Once the individual clears this round, it is then the aptitude and the personal interview for which the candidate needs to get prepared.

If you are in a dilemma on how you can deal with the group interviews, then you need to understand few key questions about such interviews and answers for the same. This can help you understand how you will be assessed in the interviews and what all activities, role playing sessions and speeches are involved in it. Knowing about such interview well in advance will help you find a way to growth and success.

Group interview

What is a Group Interview?

Also known as panel interviews consist of bunch of people in a room. It is far more different than one-on-one interview. In this small room with few people, candidate needs to look confident and be a part of every discussion that will be held in the room. This of course would increase the nervousness but you can also sense the competitive spirit among each individual. Thus, ideal focus of such interview is to select those candidates who can make themselves stand out to be the best.

What are different Types of Group Interviews?

Group interviews are categorized in two types namely Candidate group and panel group. In a candidate group interviews, you will be told to accompany few other candidates in a room. Generally most of the applicants who will be sharing the same room applies for the same position that you are applying. During these interviews, you will be given certain information of the company and position. Depending on the data you have received, you will be asked certain questions or may be some kind of group exercises is conducted to check the caliber.

Panel group interview is another type of group interview. It quite commonly followed by many companies. You will be likely to get interviewed individually by a panel that consist of two or more people. In such interview, there is a question and answer session. You will also be asked to perform certain exercises that would allow the interviewer understand your potentiality in the working environment.

Who prefers group interviews as a round of selection?

There are so many companies who look forward to hire entirely a new bunch of staff may be for some new project or may be to increase their own project. Such companies prefer recruiting the graduates or the individuals who have received better marks or hold a good experience in dealing with the corporate.

Why companies rely on Group interviews for selection?

Looking at the increasing number of small and large scale companies that are emerging these days, even the job openings has increased considerably. Hence, to ensure that you standout to be the best in the interview selection, you must show your skills through certain set of exercises, test and interviews. Thus, for better screening of job applicants, group interviews are conducted by many companies. It also reduces the turnover as the team building has become one of the primary aspects in the workplace

What Group Interviewers Look For in a Candidate?

There are no special criteria that the group interviewers will look in you. Such interviewers would want the candidate who are strong, confident and have the quick solution on any problem. They prefer the candidates who show his keenness to work with others and behave in competent manner in the working environment. Other than this, mentioned below are few things that you need to brush up on before you go for the group interview:

Your Appearance: Judgement by appearance will be utilized in a group interview. Your hygiene, attire and the way you maintain your personality will be judged in this round of interview.

Your presentation skills: This is another important part that every interviewer will look in you. The interviewers will pay a special attention on how you represent yourself. Whether you can confidently make an eye contact or do you have the etiquette to shake hand and greet everyone as soon as you enter the room. These small things are taken into consideration properly.

Communication skills: This is a crucial part of the group interview. No applicant should apply for the job, if he/she needs to work on the communication skills. To communicate and reciprocate in a well behaved manner is extremely important especially when you are talking with your clients.

Your level of interest: As soon as the group interview will begin, till end the group interviewers will assess you by understanding what kind of interest level do you actually hold up in this job.

How Does Group interview Work?

Group interviews results does not come out soon.  Depending on the way you and other people in the same room have performed, they will have to make a careful decision. At times, it takes hardly few hours where as sometimes it also stretches to several days. Unlike regular ones, group interviews will have some rigid rules and regulations and the candidate need to fall under certain guidelines. If the inter find you eligible enough to fit in those guidelines you will then be called for next round of the session.

How the assessment in group interviews is made?

The moment you enter the reception, assume it that your job selection process has started. From the rime you will greet at the reception counter, your etiquette will be checked. After some time, you will be called in the room and interview might take time to start up, at such time, your patience will be checked and when you will speak up on the topic given, your communication level, personality and zealous level will be checked. Remember, your first opportunity is right from the time you enter the office hence make sure you present yourself positively and in confident manner with clean toned voice.

Quick Tips to Ace up in Interview:

  • To be prepared well in advance is a key success to crack any kind of interview. Try to keep other individuals as engaging in the group as you can when answering any questions.
  • Don’t show any kind of nervousness or surprising behavior on any particular question which they ask you.
  • Prepare up for the interview by noticing down those possible question that you think will be asked you in the panel round.
  • Show your set of skills by utilizing them well in the right way during the interview which will be noticeable enough by your interviewers.
  • Greet the members present in the room before the interview begins and thanks them all once your interview is over. This certainly creates a good impression.

Stay focused and be confident enough to face such group interviews. Take such interview as your personal assessment and improvise yourself where you think you are lacking. Group interviews will not be tough if you present yourself well.