Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers

When you go for an interview there is a set of questions which are frequently asked by the interviewers to know  about you and your expectations. By asking these questions they judge your confidence and your determination towards your goal. So, here are some frequently asked Interview Questions


Give us your brief introduction.

A. It is generally the very first question which is asked by the interviewers, so that they can come to know about you a bit.
Answer it confidently and precisely. Tell them about your past achievements, show enthusiasm in identifying the areas that support the job you have applied for. Try to keep it as professional information about you.

What do you think your Key skills are?

A. Always prepare for this question before going for the interview. Knowledge about the skills relevant to the job you are interviewed for is the key for this question. Portray your knowledge in way which makes you a strong contender for the job.

Please tell us your weaknesses.

Don’t take it as a negative question and don’t be too critical about it. Sometimes your strongest point may be your weakness, try to end your answer on a positive note or more precisely convert your weakness into something positive. For example your weakness may be your perfectionist attitude which can lead to delays but the end result always comes out to be flawless.

What is the reason behind leaving your last job?

Yes, it’s a tricky question but it is always asked whenever you change a job. The most efficient way to answer it is to behave professional. In any case, don’t criticize your previous employer. Try to give a positive answer and try not to focus your personal situation. You can politely explain that your previous company needed to be restructured and that is the reason of changing the job.

Why have you apply for this job?

This question is your opportunity to convey your point as to why you are the best suited candidate for this job. Show some enthusiasm also ensure to show that you understand the company, its work culture and ethos.

What is that one achievement which makes you feel proud?

It is your chance to convey the interviewers that how your knowledge and experience can benefit in future. It is advisable that you mention the achievements linked to your profession, for example if you are in sales then you can tell them about the time when you have shown great results in a limited period of time in terms of sales, but if there is an achievement which has made a big difference at your personal front then you can mention that also but your main motive should be to show that achievements of past can benefit the future in various uncountable ways.

Give an example of a tough challenging situation which you have met or faced at your work and explain the way you dealt with it.

This question is asked to check your problem solving skills and the level of comfort while communicating with your colleagues. It is important that you explain a situation where you have got the results through emotional intelligence.

What is your main Career Goal?

The main motive for this question is to get an idea of how long you are planning to stay in the firm or company. You need to assure the interviewers that you a have long term plan of staying in the company because of the importance of the job role offered here. Also, how this job role can help you progress further towards your final career goals.

How much do you know about our company?

To answer this question it’s very important that you research well about the company beforehand. You need to gather information about the company finances (figures), structure, services and products, market trends, competitors etc. You need to convince the interviewers that you have already done your homework and you know the company well else they will think that you don’t have much interest in the company. This may impact negatively.

How much salary are you expecting?

Actually, the salary is generally discussed at the time you get the job, so it is better that you avoid bringing up this matter during the interview. But if it is asked during the interview then it is suggested that you give a real figure but add a wide range to it. Also mention that you are happily willing to negotiate when it will come to salary as it will not be a big issue once you will be hired as relationship goes long ways.
It is also suggested that you give examples of the previous benefits and pay you were drawing from your last job or company. This gives the interviewers an idea of the level of negotiations that can be done while deciding your salary.

Why do you think we should hire you?

This is your perfect opportunity to tell your importance to them. It’s your chance to show your potential. While answering this question you need to be focusing on few things

a. That, you think beyond completing the daily tasks, you are a perfectionist and are capable of delivery high performance.

b. You believe in hard work and know that team work is what leads to great results. So, you are a team worker.

c. And you are the best candidate for this job.

Where do you think you will be after five years?

Yes, we all dream about the best of ourselves, but for this question you need to give a realistic answer. You need to show them how ambitious you are but it is always good to mention the role of the job you have applied for to reach your goal of five years. Also, if you are not confirmed about it then its better you answer in a positive way that let the future reveal it!