Five Tips to a Successful Job Interview

The interview can be a tricky part of the job application, and is where many people falter. Here are some great tips as to how to make the interview to something you dread, to something in which you succeed.

1. The simplest, but often overlooked component for an interview is verifying your background check. Most legitimate employers institute an appropriate background check to ensure that future employees have adequate records. Before the interview run your own background check to determine if all reports are prepared accurately. Get a copy of your credit report, driving (MVR), and check with the court clerk if any crimes or offends apply to you. Finally, be honest with the interviewer about your past. This will give you the opportunity to explain your story and avoid an immediate dismissal, as most employers have a "No Tolerance" policy with regard to fictitious claims.

2. Understand what the job is asking for and match your skills will those requirements. This will give you the reasoning tools necessary to rationalize why you are adequate enough for the position and identify your strengths in contingency to the job. If there are some gray areas in relation to these requirements be sure to ask the interviewer.

3. Note that non-verbal communication is effective in emitting character. Be sure to make good eye contact during the interview and keep your posture straight. This is to convey confidence in your interviewer to indicate that you possess the confidence and self esteem necessary for the job.

4. Make sure to dress appropriately and remember that it is much better to be overdressed than underdressed. Good clothing is an easy way to make a lasting impression.

5. Be informed on the company you are interviewing with and read about the current events to show enthusiasm for the job. Use your understanding of these issues to inform the interviewer of your interest. This is a simple way to distinguish yourself from fellow interviewees.

Follow this easy guide and you'll be one step closer to finding yourself the perfect job.

Source by Will MB Russell