Exit Interview Questions and Answers

Saying goodbye to your old company at times can be fun and at times can be really sad. Just like how you are asked questions to get selected for the job, your opinion matters at the time of leaving the company as well. Talking about the exit interviews, for HR team at least this survey plays an important role. It is also an opportunity to the employee to raise their voice and tell the company on what things they need to work on.

Exit Interview Questions and Answers

Are you comfortable in leaving this job?

The question is merely to understand if the employee is leaving the job under some pressure or simply paying a bid to adieu for some better opportunity and growth. You need to answer them on the real reason of leaving the job.

Why did you think of resigning from the job?

This is yet another crucial question being asked to understand if the company is lacking behind to fulfill any sort of expectation of the employee. You can tell them about your goals that you have made after leaving this job.

Will you miss the fun times you enjoyed here?

This is to understand whether the company treated you socially equal in the organization or you had a bad experience in any of the events that were organized as a fun activity.

Do you wish to rejoin us?

This is to understand if you would want to rejoin the company for better growth in future. You should try to answer it in affirmative manner even if you are not really keen. This creates a positive impression on the organization.

Do you feel management gave you ample of opportunities to showcase your talent?

Any employee prefers working in the organization where his work is appreciated. You should be frank enough whether or not the company provided you such opportunities.

Do you think that your salary was fine here?

Certainly employee is very happy with the in hand salary he gets but it is a fact that if you are not happy with your salary and the management never considered the salary issue into seriously then you need to mention the same to HR.

Do you think there is any area of improvement for the organization?

Instead of mentioning some real mean points, it would be kind if you could highlight the points associated with canteen, food, or even the desk facility. This will not create a negative impression on the company.

Did you enjoy any part of the job?

If you haven’t yet mentioned the same, but if you feel somewhere you will miss those good things of your job such as being appreciated for the work done, assigned task to you think you are the right one to do and so on can help the organization understand how to keep an employee happy.

Was there any part of the job that you did not like?

In case the company always had to extend its timeline of work or ever assigned the task on time, you can mention the same to the company.

Do you think the company needs to focus on infrastructure facility?

If the company is small and must have any chances of growth then mention the same but if the company is large and there was hardly any kind of infrastructure growth that you saw then mention the same.

Do you think the desk, canteen and hygiene facility was well maintained by the organization?

This is necessary for the management to know if they have been giving the appropriate results or not. In case you think there are certain areas of improvement then mention the same to the company.

What all things would you wish to change in the organization?

Certainly you don’t have the magic wand to change the company as you want but if you feel that people are under paid or the facilities are quite limited, then mentioned the same so that these issues would be addressed to HR and proper action will be taken.

How well you would be utilizing the time?

This is an important thing you need to know here is that company is trying to understand your next plan of action. You can tell them how you would benefit your career by research well in world economics and what more areas you would explore out more.

Did you see any improvement in company over past few years?

It is always better to be frank instead of hesitating. If you feel that since the time you have joined, the company is not changed a bit, tell them so but appreciate if you feel that company actually

Did you have ample of tools and techniques to work on the project assigned?

Here if you were assigned any task that included paper work and pen was missing or that included computer work but there were no lights and backup then this certainly might have affected your work. You need to explain the same to the company to work over it.

Would you recommend this to your friend to work?

This is completely on what your heart and experience speaks about it. Be frank enough and if you feel that company wasn’t generous or kind enough with you and feel your friend might get the same treatment and hence would not recommend then mention the same to the company.

Do you feel team work here is appropriate?

It is to understand if you were social enough to contribute with the team and whether the employees around you were equally treating you the same. If you feel that team efforts still lack somewhere, then you can mention the same without any kind of hesitation.

Where you happy with the management team above you?

In case you feel that management was most of the time rude to behave with you mention the same. In case you think that you got the best guidance and supervision from the team or the individual then mention the same.

Do you think that company managed to help you get closer to the career aspiration?

It is important to understand if your time and valuable hard work was paid up by the company. Mention if you feel that all these yet as that you invested in the company did pay for your hard work.

Was there any particular event that made you leave the company?

If there was any bad experienced that ideally made you feel that your confidence level is being hampered then mention the same to the HR department.