End Your Job Interview Gracefully – Here’s How


Many job applicants think the only thing left to do after an interview is to send a thank you letter. While sending an interview thank you letter is important, don’t get complacent and think that is all you have to do at the end of your interview.

First and last impressions are the strongest, so you want to end the interview gracefully and do the proper follow-up. As a hiring manager, here are three things I want you to eep in mind.

  1. At the end of the interview, I will almost always ask you if you have anything else to say. Most candidates stumble a bit with this one and end awkwardly. The best way to end the interview is to thank me for my time, summarize your qualifications and reiterate your interest in the position.
  2. After the interview, do a personal debriefing. Write down the names and titles of everyone you met, your opinion of how you thought the interview went, questions you were asked that you found difficult, and any other information you learned about the company and the job. Even if you don’t get this job, it will help you on future interviews.
  3. Follow up the interview with an interview thank you letter to the Hiring Manager and anyone else who may have interviewed you. This shows you understand basic business etiquette and have good attention to detail.

The Best Question of All to Ask the Hiring Manager

Early in my career, a very experienced Hiring Manager shared with me the best question ever to ask at the end of your interview. Here it is: “I’m convinced this is the job I want. What do I need to do to convince you that I’m the best person for the job?”

This is a great question. It shows your interest in the job and it flatters the Hiring Manager’s selling skills (yes, if you’re a good candidate I’ll want to sell you on the job). It also gives you one last chance to sell yourself by addressing any specific suggestions I may have about how to “convince” me you’re the best candidate.

If you feel the interview went well, try using this question. I asked this question myself once when I was interviewing and, to my surprise, the Hiring Manager replied, “Well, I’m pretty well convinced already.” I was offered the job the next day.

You’re selling yourself at the interview, so you have to be certain you ask for the sale!

Good luck at your next interview.


Source by Tom McBroom