Competency based interview questions and answers

Competency based interview questions hugely depend on the post that you are applying for. It also depends on the industry and the nature of the position. The employers who usually take such interviews would expect their candidates to be competent enough to handle their job responsibilities. Hence, the interviewers usually utilize the questions that would help them understand if the candidate is competent enough to utilize his knowledge and skills that are necessary for important tasks.

Competency based interview questions

Can you brief us about yourself?

This is the basic question that is generally asked by most of the interviewers. Here, however it can be a tricky one because from the first questions onwards the interviewer would judge how you represent yourself.

What work experience do you have?

This question is generally asked to understand if the candidate has got enough of knowledge and experience to work for their organization. The candidates here imply needs to answer with their entire working experience they have got so far.

Why do you want to work with us?   

This question usually interviewer asks to understand if the candidate ideally knows the importance of the job which is being offered. Here the candidate must answer skillfully using the words that would definitely be profitable for the company.

How would you carry an approach for your job?

Such type of question is asked to check whether you can handle the job without compromising with the quality and while meeting the strict deadlines. It is better to give few examples of your previous work experience where you had actually worked in such environment.

Do you know anything about competency job?

Here there is no specific definition that you need to give. Just tell the interviewer what option you have with regards to the job profile that you will have in their company and also your opinion on the competency and its advantages

Can you describe us one scenario where you have worked with your team to achieve something?

With such question interviewer only needs to check if you are capable of working as a part of team and how much contribution can you give at an individual level. Give an example that would justify this question.

Did you ever face a situation where you were given an opportunity to implement certain changes?

It all depends on your key skills. Try to highlight the situation in which the problem solving, planning and organization, diplomacy, analytical and communication skills are reflected. You might also want to give an example in which you had given a contribution to the business.

What educational background do you hold?

With this question, the interviewer is not trying to judge you in any way. It is just that interviewer would accordingly put you at the level of task which you will be able to handle.

Can you give an example where you were successfully to overcome a problem?

This question is understand your problem solving skill and understand bow you will come up with the right solution for the same.  Try to be frank here and if you do any mistake don’t get nervous as the problem solvers always tend to learn from their mistakes and thus work on their improvement

Can you share an experience of your achievement where you felt proud for yourself and why?

Such type of question is asked to understand what things can motivate you and what is that you value the most. If you think that awards and certification is something that motivates you, then try to explain them the experiences of the time when you were awarded.

Was there any situation where you faced challenges?

Interviewer would want to know if you are strong enough to face the challenges and how flexible you are in such situation. If you have ever faced any such challenges try to explain the same to the interviewer as it can prove out to be beneficial.

What approach do you hold to deal with the challenges?

With such a question interviewer wants to know how well you could deal with the situations that came as a hurdle in your regular work. Explain the interviewer with your skills how you can handle such situation.

Is there any biggest transformation in you and how you achieved it?

If you had been shy, less confident, stress out most of the time and now your personality development has taken place drastically, then explain your journey to the interviewer on how you made these changes in you and what made you do this.

Are you flexible enough to adjust in any situation? Did you ever face such problem?

There are times when you would have to change with the changing scenarios. Hence, try to explain those conditions where you had changed your working and behavior pattern so that you could just get the task accomplished successfully.

Have you ever went against the company policy and how did you handle it

This question is just to check if you take the company rules rigorously and can work in a professional way. Use your effective communication skills and try to give a diplomat answer as best as possible.

Did you ever had a conflict with your team and why?

This question is to understand whether you have conflict management skills, team skills and diplomat to deal with the situation. It is better to give an example where you can explain them your central role to resolve the issue.

Do you know what exactly a team member is?

You need to reflect what all roles as a team member you can do. You must highlight your skills that if utilized in the team and how it will be beneficial.

Would you prefer working with the team or as an individual?

It is always better to be diplomat and hence try to say yes for both the options. Try explaining them how you as a team member can be efficient and if you work individual, how the company be able to get the profit.

Is there any scenario where you contributed for the team?

Here you simply have to give an example from your previous work experience where you actually worked for the betterment of the team and made the project a successful one.

How can you deal with the work pressure?

Try to justify your answer for this by giving them the schedule which you usually tend to do even when the work load is high. Try to give them the appropriate example where you have worked under the stressful time and gave an optimum result.