Common Tips to Pass IELTS Exam – Speaking – Part I


Speaking is a significant module of IELTS exam where you have a face to face conversation with the examiner. It is basically a test to judge your English conversational skills. How better you understand the question and answer them accordingly is the crux for the efforts put into speaking and language structure. This might turn out to be tough for non-native speakers who have less experience conversing in the language different from their native language.

Here are few tips to excel in Speaking Test as soon as you enter the examiner’s room.

• Courtesy is first thing to remember while you meet an examiner. Have etiquette while entering the room, greeting and talking with him. Never shake hands until the examiner offers to do so.

• Make no or less noise while sitting.

• Greet him according to the time of the day.

• Wear a broad and not a subdued smile on your face when you handle questions.

• Have a face to face conversation. An eye to eye conversation is important. You shouldn’t start looking here and there while answering the questions. This implies lack of confidence.

• Don’t make too many facial expressions. They shouldn’t look overdone for the day.

• Don’t put your hands on the table or desk. Keep the hands in your lap.

• Sit straight and not bent.

• Dress code is very important for speaking exam. As it’s an interview like situation, make sure you wear formal clothes. Cleanly shaven face and properly trimmed hair are main requirements for men. Women should also wear formal attire and make sure they are well-organized from top to bottom.

• When the speaking test starts, concentrate on what has been asked. Listen to the questions and answer accordingly. This implies responding correctly the questions asked. Don’t be in any hurry but don’t be late too.

• Avoid asking your examiner to repeat the questions. This might imply you have not understood the question or you don’t know the precise answer.

• Try to understand the questions thoroughly and then answer.

• The first part of the session is general introduction. It is easy and helps you to be relaxed before the main part of speaking test begins. Respond in an honest manner.

• The second part of the session is focused on discussing the cue given to you. You have to describe about it in the way it has been asked. Certain cue points are given on the card to elaborate. You are usually provided with 2 minutes of time to think before you respond.

• Make sure you understand the cue properly. For instance, a cue “Visit to a garden” is not same as “Your favorite garden”. Make sure what you are supposed to speak before giving the answer.

• The examiner can ask questions related to cue card. You might be asked to talk about it in a general manner.

• In the last part of the session, the examiner can ask general questions which are unrelated to the cue card.

IELTS speaking test is not only about testing your ability in speaking good English, it is about your confidence and determination to handle English language questions in a native environment. Speaking requires practice more than concentration. Practice in conversations in correct format, using proper grammar and sentence structures is quite imperative for this kind of test. So, what are you waiting for? Get going with these tips before you proceed for Speaking test session.


Source by Neerja Mehta

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