COBOL Interview Questions

If you have done COBOL programming language and looking out for the career in the same, then certainly you will be asked few of the challenging COBOL Interview Questions. These questions are not so difficult. Besides, interviewer would mostly understand your knowledge in the technical round but in personal question and answer session, there are hardly any questions that would be asked associated with it.

cobol interview questions

Can you brief us about yourself?

Here your job is simply to answer about your personal and professional detail that would help the interviewer understand your profile at the same time can help them know if you have a better work experience which is required for such programming language.

What educational background do you hold?

COBOL programming language is one of the tricky part of work that you will be performing. In case, along with COBOL, if you hold any other experience and educational knowledge than this language in a far better way then you need to explain the same to the interviewer.

Why do you wish to leave your previous organization?

The interviewer would imply to know the reasons of you leaving the job. Generally interviewer would also understand the timing hours or strict deadlines to be not the issues of leaving the organization. Here you can answer them with the salary expectation or even the growth that you can get from other company.

What is your relevant year of experience?

If you are fresher with COBOL language then explain the interviewer about the projects that you performed in the college. However, if you hold some years of experience in working outside, then explain them what all action you took in the project with the help of COBOL language.

Do you prefer working with the team?

With this question, the interviewer is trying to simply understand if you prefer to work as an individual contributor or you know how team work can be a fun experience. Whatever opinion you hold, be frank about the same.

Can explain us about COBOL?

Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) is a language which was developed to organized to meet the business data processing needs.

Do you know any features of COBOL

Being a standard language, the best part is you can comply and execute different machines. It is best suited for the applications that are business oriented. Besides, it also helps to hold a good amount of volumes of data. You can also avail the feature of testing and debugging too. there are different divisions of this language which makes it easy to debug.

Are there any types of data available in COBOL?

There are three types of data available which are helpful in making this language successful namely Numeric (9), Alpha-numeric (X), and Alphabetic (A).

Can you explain the clause ‘IS NUMERIC’?

This clause helps to ensure if there is any kind of item which is numeric. It returns TRUE when the items opposite to it contains only numbers (0-9). Remember the number can either be negative or positive.

Please explain the use of level 66 and 88?

In COBOL language every level holds an importance. Talking about such levels; Level 66 contributes in RENAMES clause whereas Level 88 is essential for condition names.

Is there any difference between the Index and subscript?

The explanation for this is pretty simple. Interviewer is trying to simply understand if you have knowledge about all these topics. Subscript is known for the array occurrence where as Index is known for the displacement from starting of an array.

Can you explain the difference between SEARCH and SEARCH ALL?

While answering such question, you should show your confident personality. SEARCH is a serial search where as binary search is called SEARCH ALL. You need to sort the table before you switch to SEARCH ALL option.

Explain scope terminator?

This is not a challenging question but simply a trick that is asked you to understand your language knowledge. Scope terminator helps to mark the verb end such as IF and END-IF.

What is a particular difference between performing a paragraph and SECTION?

When it comes of performing a SECTION, it will ensure that all the paragraphs to be a part of section in case of performing a PARAGRAPH, only paragraph gets affected for the performance.

Know different file opening modes in COBOL

EXTEND, INPUT, I-O and OUTPUT are some the file opening modes that are usually used.

Do you know the numeric field maximum size which can be defined in COBOL?

You don’t really have to be nervous when talking about this point. It is extremely easy and if you have thoroughly gone through learning this language, then there is no time you would need to answer that is PIC 9(18) is the maximum size of a numeric field

Do you know difference between CONTINUE and NEXT SENTENCE?

NEXT SENTENCE controls the transfer to the statement after a particular period encountered where as in case of CONTINUE transfers after the scope terminator a control is made to the next statement.

Can you tell us about COMP-1 and COMP-2?

The single precision available at the floating point is called COMP-1. It generally uses four bytes where as COMP2 requires double precision floating numbers with which uses eight bytes

Is there any particular way to define an array in COBOL?

05 Araay2 Pic X(6) occurs 20 times indexed by ws-indexed, 01 arrays, 05 array1 Pic X (9) occurs 10 times helps to define an array in COBOL.

Is there any difference between PIC 9.99 and PIC9v99?

In case of PIC 9.99, there is a four position field which has got the decimal point. In case of PIC 9v99, the numeric field is in three positions with an assumed decimal position