Can You Prepare For a Job Interview?

Absolutely, You have probably felt the nerves when you have been asked to come in for an interview. Knowing what to expect from an employer will help you tremendously in giving you the edge over the other applicants. There are different interview environments that you will be put in and knowing what to expect will be the best tool towards success.

Different Interview Environments

Screening interview: This may be the first interview you may encounter. This is what the employee gets out a screening interview.

  • They weed out those who do not satisfy the needs of the company
  • Many times this interview is conducted over the phone
  • Recruiters at Job Fairs use Screening interviews

Important note: The first impression an employee takes of you is by far the most important. The idea of ​​an interview is to sell your skills and qualifications to the person looking to hire you. Be prepared to answer questions about education and previous work experience, be detailed but brief.

Hiring / placement interviews : The most common of these is the one-on-one interview. This is the one where you sit across the hiring person and answer questions about yourself. The best thing to do during this type of interview is to stay calm and answer any questions asked as detailed and to the point as possible. Rambling off about "I this" or "I that" is not what employers what to hear.

Another form of hiring / placement interviews is a group / panel interview. These consist of more than one person at the same time asking you questions. You may feel like they are growing up on you but, once again, stay calm and answer anything they throw at you.

One of the largest parts of about this type of interview is putting you through stressful situations. You may have to sit and wait for a long time before asking you to come in or greeting you. They may even give you a quiz with an impossible time limit. The most popular method is asking you questions about "how would you deal with this." For example.

"A customer is being frantic about their order and demand a refund, How would you handle this."

In Summary

These are just a couple tips you can take with you before you stand in front of a firing squad, Just Kidding. It is smart to get informed of the company and the position you have applied for, this tells an employee you came prepared.

As a last note , be on time, be focused, dress well, sit patiently and most importantly, Relax.

Best of Luck and God Bless.

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Source by Aseriah Jordan

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