Behaviorial Interview Questions and Answers

For certain posts the employers prefer taking behavioral interviewer questions. It is usually one such subject of conflict that would never end. As compared to other regular interview questions, this type of question is quite a crucial and big part of the interviews. Employers hire the people depending on the answers they give for such questions. This gives them a better idea on whether the candidate has got the competencies and skills that are required for this job.


Can you tell us more about yourself?

Try to answer simple and short about your work profile and personal life, this will give a better idea about your personality to the interviewer.

What was your work profile in previous company?

Explain the interviewer your role in your previous company and how you use to manage your regular work in the best possible manner.

Can you explain us one scenario where faced a stressful situation?

Here you need to give an example of a moment where you think was difficult to get out of the issue. In case there was no such scenarios then instead of answering no, try to make a story that would convince them that you faced such situation.

How did you overcome the problems that became hurdle in your work?

With this question, the interviewer is trying to simply judge whether you are capable enough to deal with the situations. You need to explain them a problem along with the best possible solutions available.

Is there any scenario where you took an initiative or was a lead?

This question is asked simply to judge the person team spirit and leadership quality. It is better to answer this with an example on how your presence in the team actually helped the members get their job done in a right manner.

Was there a situation where your team won because of your strategies?

This is more like explaining the interviewer about your success and how you have achieve it. Try to explain how you worked as a team member and helped them gain a success in the project.

Was there a situation you spoke with an unhappy customer?

There are times when you may not get a customer who would be happy to take your service and you might have to deal with them frequently. At such time, the interviewer is trying to understand how you deal with the situation. Give them the answer that shows you were being polite and had patience while dealing with such customer.

Why you think the company is right for you?

You must go through the company’s home page on the website and understand what services do they offer. Relate those services with the role you have applied for and how you can get a career success by joining the company.

What education have you persuaded?

Although this question nowhere relates to behavioral pattern, but it helps to understand the interviewer know in which area you can be more expertise to work in. This will help you put your professional pattern along with behavioral pattern and get the right output.

Do you have any goals how do you set it?

The answer for this question is absolutely personal. You need to answer your achievements that you wish to gain in future and how you have set your path to reach the ladder of success. There is no specific meaning behind this question.

Was there a situation where you felt that your first decision was right?

Mistakes do happen and there is no crime to accept it. if you have had faced such situation, then you need to explain them how you overcome your mistakes and solved them.

Can you tell us about your previous work experience?

You must try to stress out more on those projects that somehow will be relevant to your current work profile. This will interest the interviewer to listen to your experience.

Was there any project where the people of different level of organization have given an input?

Such question is asked to understand whether you have worked with people of different level of organization and how did you achieve the success working with them. You can answer them by sharing one such experience if you ever had come across.

Was there any regarding team experience you had?

It is necessary for an interviewer to understand whether you are team player or not. You must explain them the success that you achieved by working with the team and what role you played as a team member in that group.

How did you deal with a problem?

With this question the interviewer is trying to understand how you create an approach that would give a proper solution to the problem. It is necessary that you are prompt and active while answering such question.

What improvements did you make in last few months?

Try to stress more in how you brush up your skills that were quite essential in the projects which required your presence. You must highlight your skills improvement that you have done.

Do you learn from failure?

This question is asked by the interviewer simply to understand if you take the failure in a positive way. Certainly, your answer must e yes and if you have any example related to it, you are free to give it.

Do you acknowledge failure and success on your own?

The employer wants to know if you are in your senses and not in the dream world that you cannot do anything wrong. It is always better to be down to earth rather than being over confident. This creates a wrong impression.

Are you capable enough to handle the risks?

If you ever had come to a situation where you had to literally put yourself at big risk or the project but with proper strategy you overcame the problem then explain the same to your employer.

Is there any decision that you regret?

Whether it was associated with your team or your individual task, if you have done anything that you are regretting about, you can openly tell this to the interviewer. However, you need to answer this question in such a way that interviewer will not feel that you were making an obvious mistake by taking that decision.

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