6 Tips For Negotiating Salary at Your Job Interview


When it comes to negotiating salary during the interview process, it’s good to have a methodology as to how you ask for your wage. This can often cause anxiety on both you and your interviewer, so it’s best to be prepared for how to handle the situation. And this is what you article will help you to do.

In this article, you will learn 7 tips for negotiating salary so that you can get the wage that you want and that your interviewer will be satisfied with also. Here’s the first tip.

1) Do your homework

It’s best to research how much people in your position are currently getting paid. You want to do your search via local area, as salary tends to change from state to state. Once you’ve determine how much other people in your potential position makes on a yearly basis, you want to take a look at your monthly expenses. Figure out how much you can afford to make while covering your monthly expenses, and still have enough left over to have fun in your life.

2) Look at your qualifications

You have to assess our skills and know how much they are worth depending on your location. You have to take a look at your experience also when assessing your skills as this is a big thing when negotiating salary.

When discussing your salary, don’t base the amount that you want on your current salary. Extend your most recent past salary amount to around $5,000 to show that you’re in the company’s range and that you’re also interested in a slightly higher pay.

3) Consider your benefits package

When taking a look at the benefits package, you should consider a lot of things before you reach your decision. You need to consider insurance, vacation time, retirement benefits, and allowed time off before you reach your final decision. If your job has a compensation package, you need to consider this also.

4) Sell your history

If you can sell yourself and present yourself as the obvious person for the position based on your past history and background, then the employer will know that a higher pay is necessary for you. You want to sell yourself discreetly however and not come off as someone who is a show-off.

5) Be positive

Remember to have a positive attitude when negotiating salary. When you have a good attitude, the interviewer will pickup on this and see that this negotiation could be good for both parties. Just remember not to turn negative at any part of the negotiation process as this is an impression that you don’t want to interviewer to have on you.

6) It doesn’t stop at the interview

After the interview is done, continue to sell yourself via your work on the job. You should continue to prove your worth each and everyday as a chance for promotion could be in the future for you.

These 6 tips will go along way to getting you the salary that you want, so put them in use starting today. Good luck on your interview process and negotiating the salary that you desire.


Source by Adrian Hargray